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USAPL Gear Rules

Has anybody here competed in the USAPL? I was reading their rule book. Does all gear, belts, wraps, etc. Have to be IPF approved? Or is it ok as long as it’s the right size, length and such?

I compete exclusively USAPL, at least for now as the fed in my state is extremely well run and everyone is super friendly and positive. At least around here you can lift in conforming gear even if it’s not on the approved list in local meets. If you’re going to a regional or national meet or you think you might set a record you’re going to need gear on the approved list. When I got into PL meets a couple years ago I made sure all my stuff was on the list but I just found out my belt, a custom Best Belt, is no longer approved because they didn’t want to pay the fee to the IPF. Now I have to compete in an Inzer lever belt that no matter how I adjust it I’m in between holes. My only other approved option is the A7 Pioneer fit but it’s expensive and wouldn’t show up until a couple weeks before my next meet. Neither option is ideal.

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Thank you

You’re welcome. Have fun at the meet!

It would be a good idea to contact a meet director or local officials. The last thing you want is to show up at a meet and be told that you can’t use any of your stuff. This might vary from place to place, here in Canada all the IPF-affiliated meets (local as well) check all your gear before the meet to make sure it is on the list. And it was like that since 4-5 years ago. Some other feds like IPL/USPA do this too.

I’ve competed in USAPL in Oregon. My meet director is pretty lax with equipment in local level meets. I did my meet in a cheapo asics singlet and a double prong Strength Shop belt, which I dont think was approved.

I think you should get approved gear just to be safe. In JNorton’s case, probably prepare for the contingency that your gear may not be approved in the upcoming or following year.

While I compete in USPA now, I try to make sure my gear is still usable in USAPL and bench with my feet flat in case I do both.