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USAPL Exclusive Media Rights

Takes a selfie at the meet. . DQed

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I saw that, is this a new update? Do we know when it was updated?

Oh good, more rules: that’s what powerlifting needed.


I think if dudes are just now making memes of it the. It’s new

Yo, I’m out of USAPL for good now.
I wanted to get back into USAPL and try to qualify for Raw and Equipped Nationals, but its not even worth it anymore. It’s just a money grab for the people at the top, including IPF, and needs to be boycotted. Its absurd because there aren’t even these kinda restrictions in IWF.

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Read the last sentence. I’m pretty sure it just means you can’t use anything in a for-profit manner. Selfies, IG, posting your lifts on your own YT should be good to go. I’ve been involved in another sport with pretty much the same rules. They sold the TV, etc rights to third parties for broadcast but news item stuff was good to go as was personal use on blogs, FB and the like.

Ok makes a bit more sense then. Where’s the line drawn for commercial use though? YouTube and IG make a bit of money and lead to further money making opportunities no?

Maybe it’ll be like how soccer/football is where YouTube just kills vids on behalf of say the Premier League or something

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Probably something like that if anything. The “news” can always do highlight real type stuff but I would imaging broadcasting bigger meets like the Arnold or Nationals would be a problem. Only a complete idiot would prohibit personal stuff.

Apparently Gaston Parage is the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler.

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Even if its only big meets and for commercial purposes, what about someone like Blaine Sumner posting videos of his 1000lb bench at the Arnold and simultaneously promoting his coaching and programs? I would laugh if they banned him.

Basically, any coach can no longer use meet footage in any form that is available to the public. Also, it says “…or other information acquired at USA Powerlifting venues is strictly prohibited”. So if a coach says that one of his lifters won ___ or came in ____ place at a USAPL meet, they are banned. Maybe T-Nation is now banned from USAPL for allowing this discussion which involves information acquired at a USAPL venue.

I was just looking around to see if I can find anything else about this, I haven’t seen anything except the Instagram account in the original post BUT it looks like this is 100% for business purposes. I came across a site called “hamm media”, which appears to be a powerlifting photo service. Under “Packages”:
Select the meet you’ll be competing at (or have already competed at) to order a media package.

If you would like to see proofs of your images before purchasing please contact us.

What to expect with photo packages:

  • Your images will be emailed to you with a link to a Google Drive folder.
  • Photography packages consist of 13+ high resolution photos.
  • Photos will have a Hamm Media watermark, as well as the meet logo.
  • No photos will be taken during awards ceremonies.
  • Hamm Media LLC owns all the rights to all the images.
  • You may not edit, crop, retouch, or add any filter on to any of the images.
  • You may not crop out the watermarks in any of the images when posting to social media.
  • All images are for personal use only and cannot be used for commercial purposes (ie to market or promote a business).

They know that people want videos and pictures from meets so they are trying to make money off it. It’s just like how you now need to hire a certified professional to handle you at all IPF-affiliated meets.

Dems already have a big as piece of the pie that’s Powerlifting and it’s growing plenty fast. Bit greedy I think from the USAPL.

Banning seems harsh. I propose a different approach.

A fourth light to be operated by a Social Media judge who faces the audience and scans for recording.

Squat followed commands, reached depth, locked out, racked properly and no evidence of selfie, 4 white lights.

Someone pulled a phone out, 3 white lights and 1 red light. Good lift.

Questionable depth from the left judge and someone pulled a phone out? 2 white lights and 2 red lights. No lift.

This would fit better with other powerlifting practices such as complaining about equipment “Oh man, that selfie judge would not have red lighted me if I had an iPhone S instead of the basic model” and advantages others get “Greg only hit that squat because of the phone ban. If I could have used my phone I’d have beat him on every lift” and judging in general “Man that self judge was just calling me for selfies today, s/he should have called all the people ahead of me too!”


Also ur not to be involved in any form of media or media judging for other federations

I see no issue with there being companies that offer professional photography at meets. There’s something messed up about making them have a monopoly on ALL meet footage

That’s the thing, the IPF wants to be the only PL federation in existence. That’s why they don’t want anyone who compete in their fed/affiliates to compete in any other fed, you get banned for a few years for that. They even changed their website address to powerlifting-dot-sport, as if they alone represent the sport.

I was thinking about this, at any professional sporting event I have ever been to (football, hockey, baseball, basketball) I have never heard any rule against taking photos and lots of people do take photos. Of course if you came in their with a TV camera and were broadcasting on your youtube channel or wherever they wouldn’t allow that. Does USAPL and the IPF really think they are that special?