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USAPL Bans Transgender Women From Competing

Yeah, either that or a separate trans division. Nobody can argue that they have some sort of advantage over men.

They have some meets like Big Dogs where they do that. The problem is if it was like that in all meets then only the SHWs, or at least guys close to 300, would be competitive. There would be no point of smaller people getting into the sport despite being strong for their size. Meets like Big Dogs have their place but I don’t agree with you on this at all. Why not have no weight classes in MMA or boxing?

That’s an odd way of looking at things. You make it sound like injury is guaranteed by getting into sports. And seeing as 99% of PL meets offer no money, why do people do it if this is the case?

So what exactly is your solution? Not even a men’s and women’s division? I thought you were joking in your previous post.

And yet there is at least one high level transsexual male who fight women in MMA. Speaking of MMA, that is one sport where unless you are making some serious money it does not seem to be worth it. I knew a guy who got into it and won a few tournaments, it wasn’t UFC but some other fed that had a lower weight class. This guy was small and wanted to stay small because he thought he wouldn’t be as competitive at a higher bodyweight. Anyway, as far as I can remember he never lost a fight but he broke all his knuckles, several ribs, his nose was permanently twisted sideways and a severe case of cauliflower ear, even years after his last fight. There was other stuff but that’s what comes to mind. Unless you are going to be rich and can retire it doesn’t sound like it’s worth it at all.

There’s like 400,000 different federations, divisions, subdivisions and classifications in powerlifting. How powerlifting can’t figure out to solve this dilemma baffles me.


My apologies with the weight class sentence. When I said let everyone in the same weight class, i meant everyone at that weight. So men and women and whatever else in a weight class. I was not joking. Equality has became an important place in our day to day and we should respect that. Everyone should just have one division where they compete.

Now you’re getting it.

Beats me. Probably because that’s what they just want to do. Shouldn’t matter if they’re competing against a guy or girl or whatever as long as they are having fun and competing against themselves. That’s what most PL’ers seem to preach anyway.

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Man, I consider myself a pretty big fan of Kroc, and I’ve never seen her express that. I remember her saying it was wrong for her to do it, but not anything more general than that.

Do you have a link to where that happened?

It’s worth mentioning that in the USAPL, men can’t undergo HRT and compete against men. This is the basis of their decision on trans athletes.

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You could argue that it works for them in this case as there will be a fed that a trans athlete can compete in and probably against whoever they want to compete against.

It’s true of any athlete in powerlifting really.

“I’m a 17 year old that used steroids 2 years ago but have been clean since. I want to squat raw with knee wraps”
“Oh, cool, you want to compete in NASA’s natural-subjunior unequipped division”

“I’m 68 years old, have been using steroids since the 70s, and train unlimited ply since I’ve had 4 hips replaced”
“Oh, great, you wanna compete in SPF’s masters+ division”


I am aware of that. With the transsexuals it’s because prior to “transitioning” the men would have been exposed to high levels of natural testosterone that cause permanent physical changes. In the case of women becoming men, then yes they would most likely take exogenous testosterone for which there is no therapeutic use exemption.

The weird thing with WADA rules is that you could have previously taken steroids, even been banned as a result, but once you are clean for the required period you can compete again and are considered “natural”. The problem is that anabolic steroids cause permanent changes such as an increase in satellite cells which give former users an advantage over those who never took steroids. It’s probably impossible to test someone to see if they ever did take steroids in the past but once caught there is a strong argument for a permanent ban. There are a few guys in the IPF like that, Sergey Fedosienko for one.

Now you’re getting it.

If that’s how you feel about it then OK, but powerlifting actually has a pretty low rate of injury compared to other sports, even at a recreational level. In the case of MMA, injury is virtually guaranteed. The guy I was talking about was very successful during the time he competed, imagine if he didn’t do so well.

Playing any sport has risks, I know a guy who broke an arm and destroyed a knee playing baseball at an office party. He was in the outfield and ran to catch the ball, stepped in a hole in the ground, twisted his knee and fell on his arm on the opposite side. The doctor didn’t put his arm in a cast because he wouldn’t have been able to get around on crutches and almost 2 years later his knee is still messed up. He would have been better off squatting 1000lbs., it couldn’t have ended any worse.

That was what I was referencing. She said that it would be unethical for her to compete in women’s strength sports.

I inferred that she was applying that to more than just her (that it is unethical for MTF to compete against born females). I may have inferred wrong.

You are competing against yourself until you are at a high enough level. Winning or setting records at a state, provincial, or national level does mean something, even if it doesn’t pay.

Yeah, from what I’ve seen/heard from Kroc, it’s more about not wanting to draw negative attention to the sport and to raise the issue at all, rather than saying “No one that is transgender should compete in the sport as a male.” It seems very inwardly focused.

You’re talking about it not being worth doing bc of the lack of financial insentive. And the risk for injury. People that powerlift or compete in combat sports don’t do it for money. It’s for the sense of accomplishment. That to alot of guys including myself is worth it. I have competed in boxing matches, jui jitsu and wrestled in high school. Never made a dime but the feeling of having your hand raised is unbelievable. I’ve got fucked up elbows. One side of my nose is caved in. But it’s definitely worth it in my mind. And the typical Powerlifting attitude is no different. I’m gonna lift it or die. Period. That’s a little off the original topic but just a thought. But I don’t think these trans folk do it to intentionally have an unfair advantage. But they absolutely should have to compete with men.


Only fed I ever competed in, haha.

I lifted in it several times… That why I get the joke. Lol

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You would transition to be better then? I would never consider it. If any thing I would juice to the gills to win before I did that. Powerlifting to me is about being strong. Transitioning would mean getting weaker, and that is a no go for me (also I would be one nasty looking chick, and love my pp)

I don’t think they necessarily need to compete against men? I don’t see why having a separate division wouldn’t work.

Not sure how that was your take away point from that but ok lol. I myself think it’s a disgusting mental disorder tbh. But I do not think anyone is transitioning to win at PL. Kinda would ruin the sense of accomplishment to me if I cut off my dick and out lifted a few women. Where’s the pride in that?

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I think it was this line.