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USAPL Bans Transgender Women From Competing


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Here’s an article on this: https://www.foxnews.com/sports/usa-powerlifting-organization-bans-transgender-women-from-competing

I just ate so I didn’t want to take chances watching the video.

I think this is definitely the right move. It makes no sense to allow men to compete against women. If on the other hand a woman wants to compete against men it still doesn’t make sense but without testosterone (natural or otherwise) they are at a significant disadvantage so they are ones who will suffer. There are a few guys who won championships in wrestling and weightlifting, they don’t need to ruin women’s PL too.

As for people who will argue some nonsense about gender identification, well I had plastic surgery to make myself look like a little kid so let me compete in the subjunior division. Is that any different?

It’s odd that USPA allows this, I have looked at their rulebook and there is a section that gives the impression they are actively courting transsexuals. I think I will stick with WPC.


Also, isn’t this contrary to IPF and IOC (International Olympic Committee) rules? I heard a few years ago that they were going to allow male transsexuals to compete against women so I don’t know how USAPL can just make their own rules. I agree with them, but it seems like this might backfire. Maybe they are trying to make themselves look good since there is some backlash against IPF stupidness.

I do think this is the right move even if it’s gonna trigger a whole bunch of cunts but it needed to be done sooner or later.

Strength sports makes lots of sense that some of these scenarios involving transgender athletes are really unlevelling the playing field. Other sports too to a large degree. Even fucking table tennis or some shit just compare the men to the women.

I think I may differ from you that I’m pretty pro LGBT inclusiveness and shit well at least I’m live and let live but the lines gotta be drawn somewhere.

Tbh when I read that statement “I am hopeful that the USAPL membership will stand up for trans inclusion and be on the right side of history. Trans athletes should not be feared but celebrated fiercely” I thought lol fuck off you unfair advantage grown up through puberty looking like some untested USPA shit cunt. But after calming down a bit I’ll say we all needa work towards the fairest way of doing things possible might not be fair by some people’s definition but that’s life

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I am all for not discriminating against LGBT people. Disallowing MTF trans athletes compete against women has nothing to do with discrimination. If you want to make a statement, and you identify as a woman, then beat men in competition. That’d make much more of a statement than shitting on people over whom you have a ridiculous genetic advantage. I am willing to accept the idea that GENDER is a social construct, but whatever gender you choose, you cannot deny your physiological makeup.

Flip side of things: I was a corrections officer, and when I pulled shifts at the female prison there were several inmates who were receiving state-funded hormone therapy to become men. Again, I support inclusivity, but if you want to become a man at the cost of the state, should you not be transferred to a male facility?

Why are these feds so against creating trans male/female divisions? They always use the number of athletes as some kind of road block.

I’ve been to strongman contests with 2 guys in some divisions, I went to one with a single female in her division.

Bodybuilding contests have numerous divisions they cant fill out, so no one competes or they have one or two competitors.

Athletics, particularly lesser events like javelin, etc often have single athletes. I’ve been to swimming events with a single swimmer.

Powerlifters are a funny breed. Audiences confuse the fuck out of them.


Maybe it’s not gonna do much other than appease some people for now (they might still be mad though lol). Not really a good benefit to cost to invest resources in. I don’t think many sports are doing so well as to have plenty of resources to throw at this.

Maybe as strength sports grow and there are more and more transgender athletes at all levels it’ll become more practical to have transgender divisions. Maybe right now feds and world wide bodies should start prepping and putting things into place for implementation later

I think the only solution here is compete with the boys, or form a series of separate trans divisions.

One of my best friends has been sorting out it’s position on the trans spectrum over the last year or so. “It” is one of this person’s preferred pronouns and I have a hard time calling any human being “it”, so I just use the gender-neutral name this person has selected. I can also tell you that everyone, including the bleeding-heart liberals around this person, still slip up and call “it” “he” all the time. My experience with the whole pronoun gymnastics is that it’s like trying to remember to call a circle a square for one special case after a lifetime of seeing circles and calling them circles and still calling circles “circles” 99 percent of the time. It still looks and (mostly) acts like a circle, but this particular circle wants you to use language that either excludes shapes altogether or call it a square. This is not easy to do. Not for me at least, even when I consider this person a very close friend and have a high degree of respect for this person’s character and achievements.

Transperson semantics aside, this very good friend of mine has an impressive history of lifting at a level that’s considered very strong by people who lift when “it” still identified as a male. This person is a very solid BJJ player and I’ve yet to tap “it” out. This person competed at high levels of lifting prior to “it’s” transition. This person hasn’t lifted in nearly two years, has lowered protein intake and is making an active effort to appear more feminine. I’m not sure if this has included hormone treatment or not, but there’s one thing I’m certain of.

This person is unquestionably more athletic than the overwhelming majority of males who work out with barbells at any size, and this person’s strength levels at 170 lbs or so dramatically exceeds any women who are lifting in that general weight class ballpark in ANY barbell sport.

The IOC seems to be making the argument that a year or so of male-to-female hormone therapy will somehow negate these advantages, but that’s clearly bullshit. My friend could wreck every biological female in just about any strength sport you could imagine for years to come no matter what sort of hormones “it” pumped into “it’s” body.

Feeling will be hurt, but I think it’s important for the girls to be able to have a powerlifting meet.


Keep in mind that this issue isn’t just in powerlifting. The now allow transsexuals at the Olympics.

I’m surprised that more women don’t oppose allowing transsexuals to compete against them. As the trans thing becomes more popular you can expect this to become an even more significant issue. If society were to fully accept transsexualism as a perfectly normal option then there would be nothing stopping the top male athletes from competing as women as long as they take hormone treatments for the required period. Some people will do anything to win, this is just another option for them.

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I believe RPS said that it will have separate classes for MTF, and another class for FTM transgender people.

I don’t see much downside in this approach. It is inclusive, but does not hurt female powerlifting.

RPS also does not require a membership to compete in their meets if I remember correctly.

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If they are already a top male athlete, why bother? Transitioning is a pretty big deal. Maybe extreme outliers would do that just to win in powerlifting, but I fail to see what they would gain. Basically, I am saying I don’t think the transgender people in powerlifting transitioned to win in powerlifting. I think they transitioned for their own personal reasons, but still want to lift.

I agree that going through puberty as a male is going to give advantages even if androgens are no longer present. This is enough to say they should not be competing against females.

A pair of tits?

The thing is that these LGBT people want everyone in western society to feel no sort of inhibitions about this sort of stuff so if all you have to do is become a “woman” (which is a perfectly legitimate option) and now you have gold medals, sponsorships, world records, cash prizes, and so on then you don’t think more men would do that? I’m not saying that is the case with the transsexuals who are beating all the girls in other sports already, although its possible, but if deciding whether to be a man or woman is no bigger of a deal than whether you want tea or coffee then you can expect more problems. That is another story, but the point is that it’s better to prevent issues now rather than try to fix them later.

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I agree that in really any sport, and especially strength sports that MTF should not be allowed to compete against someone born female.

Kroc, has said that it is unethical for MTF to compete in female sports. Basically, she was saying that she would have a huge advantage.

I really do not see any issues with allowing transgender people to compete, just make separate divisions. I would guess most just want to have fun and get better at PLing.


That’s pretty much what I’m saying. Any other discussion about whether sex changes are good or bad or whatever is a separate argument and there is no point in going on about that.

Why there isn’t just one division for males and females nowadays makes zero sense to me. Just have everyone in a weight class compete regardless of male, female, MTF, FTM, dog, cat whatever.

Also, it’s not like there’s really any money in powerlifting. You push your body to the absolute max just to have a normal 9-5 job on top of it. Who really gives a shit. Same with records. They really mean nothing in the grand scheme of things and if you can’t beat everyone your weight, are you really the best in the world?

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Not fair at all. Apparently chimpanzees and gorillas are way stronger than humans, teach them proper lifting technique and none of us stand a chance.

At some point there could be money involved, on a more regular basis. And in any case, people are not in this sport for money. Also, this is not just an issue for PL but for all sports. The IPF is trying to get into the Olympics and the IOC decided to allow male transsexuals to compete against women so the IPF followed along, USAPL appears to be the one IPF affiliate that opposes this. The real question is whether men should be allowed to take hormone treatments and compete against women in any sport.

At some point all this talk gets boring and reminds me of why years ago I had zero interest of competing in anything. Seems like there is more reason not to get involved in stuff these days. Basically, I just want to be strong and healthy and I like lifting weights, there happens to be a sport that involves lifting weights that doesn’t require incredible mobility (as in weightlifting) so I thought hey, why not get into that, it looks like fun. Somewhere along the line I gained a whole bunch of weight and started debating with people on the internet, I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere.

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Could care less about fairness. Life isn’t fair.

Agree here. They’re the superior species in strength, so if they can put total anyone, they should win.

Then why not allow everyone in the same weight class? Winning a trophy for a trophy is pointless. Saying you’re the best is pointless. Money is all that matters in high level sports. Otherwise you’re just giving yourself injury for injury’s sake. I know it’s the cool thing to say that if the money wasn’t involved you’d still be a pro football player or whatever, but the reality is that you wouldn’t because it’s not worth it. Once money becomes an integral part of powerlifting, maybe consider leaving people out and shit, but for now there is zero reason for it. The only sport I could see dangerous or disadvantageous for MTF athletes is MMA or boxing. Anything contact really where former men would hit women.

How about dropping the men’s divisions all together and just make it the the open division. then have the female division where only genetically born females can participate. Anyone can participate in the Open. Its the only fair way I see for no trans women… I think I said that right…