Anybody ever used or heard of USANA - They sell Vitamins and Supplements for health and well being. Are they really as good as they make out???

I don’t know about quality, but just so you know, USANA is one of those pyramid scheme/multilevel marketing companies. So that means when I hear someone telling me how great they are I know the next step is they’re going to ask me to sell USANA too so they’ll get a kickback. Think AMWAY. Not saying they’re no good, but I’m always skeptical of the motivation of those hawking it.

TEK – Your post really smacks of some one who got burned by a bad “upline” or is just reacting based on misinformation. Multi-level marketing and pyramid schemes ARE NOT the same thing. If you really want to avoid multi-level marketing, you better not buy ANYTHING. Basically EVERYTHING you buy goes through multiple levels of distribution, and they all get a cut of the price you pay. As for kickbacks, the ONLY valid way to make any money from one of these companies is to increase volume (through sales or personal use of “distributors”). Any company that gives kickbacks for signing some one up is treading the thin ice of illegal pyramid. To Stevemax – I can’t vouch for USANA, but ask for the technical stuff on their supps if you really want to know. Amway (actually Amway is no longer active in North America) has the NutriLite line, which is somewhat more expensive than the general market, but their quality is also very good. USANA may be similar. For info on whether they actually have what they say they have, you can check with Consumer Lab (, an independent testing lab. And if the guy pressures you into “joining” his line, you have the option to say no and find another person to serve you as a customer. And if you do choose to join in, look carefully at the compensation plan – are there limits to to the organization (binary plan), is there a floor to how far “downline” you get paid (MaryKay does this), does the amount of work you have to do increase as your organization increases?

If you are looking for a quality multi-vitamin,
I suggest you look into Shaklee.

I remember Ian King was endorsing USANA for a while.

No, I just find these multi-level people really annoying. It’s like they try to sneak up on you with it. They talk up the products, give you samples, talk about “building your own business” then whamo! they spring Amway, or USANA or Advocare on you and give you the hard sell. Not everyone of course, but that’s been my experience. I just find their tactics really annoying. And most of these multi-level companies train them to use those tactics.

I’m not affiliated with usana in any way but have seen reports of independent analysis on their vitamins that ranked them #1. I think it was posted on this forum a few weeks ago.

Kelly and TEK,the post was mine. I’ve been in the iron game and athletics for over 25 years. Tried every supplement and vitamin/mineral under the sun. Without a doubt USANA has the best nutritional products I’ve ever used. TEK, why don’t you just enjoy the effectiveness of the product. If someone asks if you are interested in the business, just say no. Don’t not use a superior product for such a simple reason. Here is the independant survey:

Two-hundred and fifty-four qualifying products were evaluated and compared to the selected nutritional standards. These standards were drawn from a number of sources.

In order to compare products in a quantitative manner, the author developed a comprehensive and reliable product rating methodology. To do this, he used two standards.

Firstly, what he called the Blended Nutritional Standard, based on the pooled recommendations of Dr.s Richard Passwater, Michael Colgan, Michael Murray and Ray Strand. These experts gave their recommendations as to the daily level of supplementation they believed was optimal. The second method of comparison was to compare all the supplements to what the author believes is the industry bench mark, the Usana ‘Essentials’.

The author considered the following 12 points in his review :



Antioxidant Triad,

Components for the Gutathione Peroxidase Pathway,

Insulin Resistance Defense System,

Cardiac Health Triad,

Homocycsteine Reduction Triad,

Bioactivity of Vitamin E,

Bioflavonoid Score,


Lipotrophic Factors,

Potential Toxicities,

The top 5 supplements in this authors conclusions were, with their rating he gave them also showing :

Brand Name Product Name Score
Usana Essentials 0.931
Source Naturals Life Force 0.874
SportPharma Multiguard 0.835
Kurana Corporation Maxxum 4 0.807
Sierra Health & Nutrition Inc. Fortify 0.805

The next 20, making up rankings 6-25, included :

Brand Name Product Name Score
Twinlab Mega 6 0.795
FreeLife Basic Mindell Plus 0.782
Nutrition for Life International Grand Master 0.777
Life Extension Foundation Life Extension Mix 0.774
amni (Adv. Medical Nutrition) Basic Preventive 5 0.773
Julian Whitaker, MD Forward Plus Daily Regimen 0.760
MMS Pro Preventamins 0.755
Rainbow Light Advanced Nutritional System 0.744
Advanced Physicians Products Maximum Potency without Iron 0.743
Dr Robert D. Willix Jr. Next Generation 0.741
Ultimate Nutrition Super Complete Capsules 0.741
Metagenics Multigenics Intensive Care 0.717
Thorne Research Extra Nutrients 0.700
American Longevity Ultimate Daily 0.698
Jarrow Multi 1-to-3 0.695
FoodScience of Vermont Superior Care 0.682
DaVinci Laboratories Spectra 0.679
Mountain Naturals of Vermont Men’s Superior 0.677
Doctor’s Nutrition Mega Vites Senior 0.672
NatureOne High Potency Complex 0.668

The author provides a ranking and score for an additional 100 vitamins. This book is the most complete review of multi-vitamins I have ever seen. Additionally, it supports our personal research that the best multi-vitamin on the market is Usana.

I think usana products are top notch. I used their essential for about two years and really thought they worked well. I discontinued using the products for a few reasons. 1)they were expensive 2)I got tired of being pressured to become a distributer 3) I began consuming a good quality MRP 3 x day with a good vitamin/mineral profile and felt that all together it was a bit overkill. If you got the cash I don’t think you can go wrong with their products. As far as products such as whey protein and other bodybuilding type products, I would stick with biotest or other reputable supplement companies. Finally if you decide to become a distributer get used to your friends and family dodging you whenever you come around. I think most people find distributers for multi level marketing companies annoying as hell, no matter how good the products.

Magnus, the USANA Essentials, which are their antioxidant/mineral product is $35.00 + shipping for a months supply. If you compared the quality and quantity of ingrediants to other companies, you would pay much, much more for the same thing. A $35-$40 monthly investment is not bad for continuing good health.

Well from what i do understand, and with your help (that report certainly has done the rounds) USANA are a great supplement company with a good compensation plan - apparently voted the best in the world - not that i know too much about it. My reason for asking is that i am in an excellent position to recommend or sell health products. Currently i resell Biotest in the UK, which is cool as i have an excellent relationship with them in the UK, but i do have a demand for vitamins and other health products, and i want to offer the best. Anyhow a contact for USANA is giving me the big sales pitch, and reckons that he’ll do most of the work for me, or at least support me, as i am currently very busy.

Has anyone worked with them or a company similar to them?
I just dont wanna end up getting burned like so many others, and end up with a garage full of vitamins. Any suggestions???

Is there any chance you can/will ship to Greece? I have yet to find a country in Europe that will do so. Please let me know and if so do you have a contact number or web-page? Thanks.

C’mon guys i know i’m looking out for myself on this one, but a simple one liner would do.