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USANA Supplements - Any Users?


Hi All,

I was recently given a brochure for some USANA multivitamin supplements, and did a search here for any reviews/feedback. I didn't get any results, so I thought I'd find out if anyone is using/has used the USANA multivitamin supplement. Any thoughts on the company? (I know it's a MLM company)



They're good products, but not the ultimate best they'd like to have others believe. As a good friend of mine said, there's three problems:

Selling scheme

Other than that, good stuff if you can get it at a good price


Thanks for the response!

That's kindof the impression that I got; The dietician that I was talking to (who also sells the product) even lent me her "independent" book: "The Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements" where USANA (the States version) rates #1 for the multivitamin, and the Canadian version rates #6. I'm just not sure how "independent" the book really is.

They do make good points about the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and the purity/potency guarantee, but I figured if anyone hear knew that this was just false (or overhyped) that maybe I'd look elsewhere...