USANA & multilevel marketing

I just started to read Ian King’s newletters, and at the end of each one is a link Robert G. Allen’s site about multiple streams of income through selling USANA’s products. Anybody out there try this method with success? Seems to me like another gimmick. Is this a good way to earn extra income or a great way to become another one of those annoying salespeople?

The short answer to all your questions is YES. It’s a great way to make money, or a great way to become annoying, depending on YOU. I’m not talking USANA (I haven’t reviewed their plan), but depending on the sales and marketing plan, the compensation plan, the support system, and the breadth of the products, MLM can be a great way to make income. Keep in mind that virtually everything you buy is involved in multi-level marketing (you generally don’t buy products directly from the manufacturer), so don’t be put off by the term “multi-level marketing.”