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Usana Health Supplements


Anyone used these? Are they any good? Feedback would be appreciated.


MLM/Direct Selling company right? I used their multi vitamins like 5 years ago. Ok I guess, couldn't really tell a difference.


Compared to say Centrum or Equate, it is a better product. I would not call it a high-end product for quality.

The background of the "Blended Standard" story, through which they claim superiority, is kind of interesting if one wants to Google this. They have done well for themselves marketing-wise using this measuring-stick, but I wouldn't take that too seriously.

Yes, it is MLM.


Thanks Bill


I remember getting an email from Ian King (yes, the one from here) years ago about Usana products. It seems he would have been my contact/guy above me had I ended up buying anything from them.

Never did buy/use any products, just thought it was cool that he was selling them.


They only work on tall guys though, so your kind of out of luck.


Was there any point to that little story?


I presume that wasn't directed towards me