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Usain Bolt's Workout


Machines are obviously working, or the guy has the best genetics the sports ever seen.


Medicines are obviously working!


Or he didn't need to lift weight heavy weights to run fast


You'd think with the times he's running, that the guy would have a half an ounce of talent...


I think the article is a puff piece...


"You should do core work and chest work to get everything strong." - Bolt

Uh, if I wanted to use just one exercise to work my core and chest, I think I'd choose pushups with added load, like chains, or I'd do a standing cable press. I also wouldn't be doing this 1x10, 1x8 scheme. And what's up with the leg extensions???

I think this goes to show how genetics play such an important role at these elite levels that these guys can succeed IN SPITE of what they do in the weight room.


For every damn succesful athlete there is...


He said in interview that he hates going to the gym and will skip it if Glen Mills is not making sure that he does his workouts in the gym. So those exercises are probably just made up for the article.


Yeah, maybe we could get some REAL coaches to teach him some things, maybe then he'd break some world records (oh wait..) Or maybe, just maybe his lacksadaisical attitude to the weight room is due to the fact that it's completely secondary to a sprinter that already has a decent power base.


I think this goes to show that you're an idiot, and what he does in the weight room isn't all that important. It may even be that the high rep machine work he does fits well in his overall training program which contains mostly sprint/speed work. The article could also be BS considering the last paragraph about gatorade.

Who are you to tell this man to do weighted pushups???


puff piece x2

Imagine if Charlie Francis got his hands on this guy...


i bet his trainer is constantly thinking "I don't want to be know as the guy who screwed up Usain Bolt" and purposely keeps the weight routines simpler than the avg TNationer.


He'd get caught for roidz?


It's genes.

I bet if an elite olympic weightlifter had the same bone length and technique he'd maul Bolt's record.


Bolt's obviously just done a few token exercises for the article. I wouldn't read too much into it lads.



true because there's never in the whole wide world Ever ever been an olympic weightlifter his height.


I bet if Usain Bolt had an olymic weightlifters technique and bone length he would maul their records.


Olympic weightlifting is great, but it is not the end all be all of sports.


He wouldn't be a olympic weightlifter then would he?


That workout is bogus, I tried it and can't run a sub-10 second 100m