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Usain Bolt Breaks 150 Meter WR


Okay so this is not a "real" track event, but how ridiculously good is this guy. Seriously, I am blown away.


yeah, that's unreal.


So they are just gonna make up events that he can be awesome at ?

What ya wanna bet he is really good at the 175 too ?


I find two things funny about this:

  1. It was all a straight away. Not even half a curve.
  2. It appears he tried harder in this invented race than he did in his Olympic 100 m final. Which was also a world record.


I love him! he's so ridicilious

i hope they do make more events he can be awesome at.


How much longer until you think he begins to realize that he's in the Matrix?

(*edited for grammar)


Nice Animatrix reference, lol.


lol...I was hoping someone would get that. :slightly_smiling:


150 meters has been "made up" before, mostly in order to compare the best 200 m and 100 m runners in the world.. however, Usain is the best at both, so it doesn't prove anything. It's still fun though.


i hate when sprinters wear socks


Did a quick search and couldn't find this on here. So enjoy it if you haven't seen it a thousand times already.