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Usain Bolt and Hang Cleans


I hardly do hang cleans, when I do it's in a form of compound exercise but after seeing a video of the fastest man in the world doing hang cleans it's making me reconsider putting hang cleans in my arsenal. And this was interesting to see, because I wouldn't have guess Hang Cleans would be part of his training. Why would a sprinter do hang cleans? and because I rarely do them, don't they work the Traps primarily.




Cleans are good for sprinters because the develop coordination and explosoveness.

The exercise has a lot of carryover to almost all sports.


See if he breaks his own records. As he was probably the fastest man in the world before he started doing them. The hard part is making yourself faster.

It is a good exercise though. Football players have been doing them for years.


Agreed. I feel that hang cleans in the power catch position should be a mandatory lift for all athletes.


That guy has some crazy anterior pelvic tilt situation going on... very weird.

And I think 1) he is fastest man alive, ever came before 2) those hang cleans with 135lbs or so... not sure what he has gained from doing them, though that exercise is good at what it is for


Wouldn't other exercises benefit him more, such as SL RDLs, not that Cleans doesn't and he could very well be doing a full gamut of exercises in his training like RDLs and this happens to be an accesory exercise.

I guess my point would be how would Cleans if it was to be ranked among the DLs, Squats, pylos, etc...fare in developing coordination and explosivess, not to mention speed.


Triple extension, develops power, you have to be explosive even under heavy weight or you miss the lift.


I don't know how his personal split is set up but I'm sure there are and squats in the mix too. That's based on how I've seen sprinters train.

A clean in the athletic world is the best way to mimic game situation though. That means that if you aren't hitting the lift with proper explosiveness and coordindination you will miss the lift. Its the same for Usain on race day...if he doesn't hit all the proper combo of power with no wasted motion he's done.

In the clean see how his arms and traps move? That's the pumping movement required to cut through wind. Each rep is BOOM BOOM BOOM

When we talk about athletes specificity is key.

A heavy deadlift would be a no go for a sprinter if I were training them. Convi deads will cause some to develop a wider waist and that slows them down.


Hang cleans with previous shoulder injuries. . Would they re aggravate the shoulder?


Depends on the shoulder injury. They aggravate mine. I've dislocated my shoulder several time and never had the surgery. Whenever I start to implement them too much in my program my shoulder starts to get loose and things that wouldn't knock it out before start to knock it out.


Cool observation about the anterior tilt. I was lucky enough to be privy to an interview with Stu McGill recently where he talked about spinal genetics as indicators of athletic success. One of the things he mentioned was that elite sprinter tend to exhibit more of a natural lordosis (ant tilt) which in turn allows them to more powerful contract the hip extensors. Just an interesting fyi


Ive dislocated my left shoulder 4 times, It seems to hold up well at this point I havent pressed for about a month, might implement gradually see how it holds up.


How is the power developed, I ask? Well, how is strength developed in the deadlift? Through progression in resistance, right? Well, how easy it is to progress in resistance in the hang clean by doing the exercise itself? Very hard I might say. I have never heard anyone doing just hang cleans and getting better at them in the long run. Note, long run, important term there. So, it could be concluded that this exercise is not good for developing power.


Does any of what you just wrote actually make sense to you or were you just being argumentative?


no doubt he has the best coaches in the world writing up his lifting program along with the best sprinting coaches helping him with his starts and track workouts. hes doing hang cleans for a reason..


Just using simple logic. I think I was reasonably clear. Ask me if there is something you didn't understand.


Our definitions of "logic" differ greatly. Go read what the definition of power is and try and tell me that hangcleans don't develop it. In all honest, oly weightlifting should be called power lifting and vice versa.


"Go read what the definition of power is and try and tell me that hangcleans don't develop it."

I tried to tell you already. You can find my reasoning in the first post of mine.


And I tried to tell you, that doesn't make any sense.