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Usage of Old Templates, No More Overthinking?

Jim, would it be a bad idea to go back and just use the old templates from 2nd edition?
I like the simplicity of the old bbb and triumvirate, so im thinking 2 cycles of bbb followd by 2 cycles of triumvirate, all done same lift same day fashion and with deload every 4 week. And just repeat until “RIP Sjogren”…

Not Jim, but that’s close to what I’ve been doing and I love it. The only thing I’ve done beyond that is use joker sets and I just finished a cycle where I did a single FSL.

I don’t have the 2nd edition, only beyond, but I’ve had pretty good success doing a normal pyramid scheme for weeks 1-3 and then for week 4-6 I’d run SVR. That way I can still make new rm most times on week 6 and adjust my training max to the new rm.

Well, im gonna give it a go, for a year or two.
Thanks man.

For me and most that train here - that’s what we do, only with the new way of programming.

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When you say the new way of programming, is that two cycles of 5/3/1 before a deload week or am I way behind here?