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USAF Fitness Test Update

Thought this was a joke at first but apparently not. Trying to embrace the logic here but it’s such a low hurdle to begin with . . .

I feel like you didn’t read that article.They very clearly explain why

I read the article (which is why I posted it) and I understand everything - I just don’t accept it. Injuries aside, a 1.5-mile run can hardly be considered a rigorous (edit: or “one-size-fits-all”) test of fitness even if your job only requires you to push papers in an air-conditioned office.

I’m assuming you were never in the USAF

Never was, but worked with them enough to get it. This new standard - which stretches the limits of the definition - strikes me as an overengineered solution to something that isn’t an actual problem. I would understand it more if they just decreed that physical fitness isn’t important for the average member of the USAF and eradicated a standardized physical fitness test entirely. The fact that they did the brain damage to justify lowering the standard to a level that my soon-to-be 4YO daughter might legitimately pass is just bizarre.

At this moment I am having a difficult time seeing fitness as a requirement, even for the pilots. How much fitness is required to fly a drone from an air conditioned console. The most G’s they could experience is leaning back too quickly.

There are definitely career fields in the USAF that need a high level of fitness. Being a pilot, especially a fighter pilot can be physically demanding. Pulling G’s is not that easy on the body and also having to maintain your focus and mission.

Not much G force flying drones.

I would totally end up drawing dicks in the sky.

No matter how much testing or selection they do, you can’t screen for that. Officer, gentleman, fit, and focused. Then Boom. Drawing dicks in the sky.


At least its a clean shaven dick. That’s military discipline for you.

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Deleted. Probably too offensive.

Don’t beat yourself up - any military thread has a 50% chance of ending up here. I’m sure Wagner will make an appearance before it’s all said and done.

True but there are still plenty of fighter pilot/combat roles in the USAF. While I agree that many roles in the military probably don’t require a certain level of fitness, it doesn’t bode well for the any branch of the military to have fat, out of shape members.

I dont know about the recent past, but I can testify that the walking option was available in the 80’s. You could either run 1.5 miles in 15 minutes or walk it in 30 minutes (if I remember correctly).

And the article indicates that there will be separate physical standards for these MOS’, so it seems like that’s remaining the same (or improving, possibly).

That’s interesting. They’ve clearly indicated that physical fitness is not a priority for roles that aren’t physically demanding. Ok fine - I don’t agree with the notion but that’s just my opinion. What I don’t understand is maintaining a “standard” that anyone who isn’t immobilized or morbidly obese could pass. Entry-level medical screening will still ensure that those folks don’t end up in the military, so why not just do away with the standard altogether? I dunno . . .

Its just another dagger in the back for our society’s nose dive into obesity. Instead of addressing the issue we just adjust the bar down.

Sometimes my goofing off can go to far.

Who’s Wagner?

Google “Wagner loves the” and you’ll get it. Also if you spent any time in an OIF/OEF era port-a-shitter . . .

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I filled in the blank with “Navy” because that’s the branch all of my brothers joined.

Close enough. :rofl:

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Haven’t read the Duffel Blog in forever but wondered if they’d have a take on this. They do not disappoint:

Just to get in front of any haters, this thread is not motivated by lame-ass inter-service rivalry crap. Just genuine incredulity at the decision.