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Usable life of 10mL TestCyp Vials


I'm in the process of switching off Androgel packets and going to TestCyp injections. Two packets (81 mg) of the Androgel seemed to be marginally doing the job, but I switched recently to Medicare and while my old insurance (and the manfacturer's copay discount card) made Angrogel easily affordable, it's now a non-starter, cost wise.

So my GP wrote a script for 2000 mg/10mL of TestCyp, and sent it to my new insurance "Rx by mail" company. The order looked OK online, but what shows up in the mail today is 6 ea vials, 200 mg/1 mL... for $116! I called them up and asked WTF. The pharmacist gets on the line and tells me that once you draw a dose from a vial, that starts a 28-day window after which the vial "should" be discarded due to contamination concerns (this is apparently the same for pretty much all multi-dose vials, not just TestCyp).

So they said they were watching out for me and substituted the 1 mL vials, since at 100mg/0.5 ml per week the 10 mL vial would last like 5 months (far past the 28 days).

I'm still mot happy about their crappy pricing, so I ask if I can return the mail order RX and have them transfer the Rx to a local pharmacy. Yes, no problem. I trot down to the local CVS, and tell them the story. They say that they only carry the 2000 mg/10 mL vials (don't even have the 1 mL vials) for like $59 each... and the pharmacist says she's never heard of the 28 day issue related to TestCyp, and the package insert makes no mention of it. So they're now in the process of transferring the Rx to CVS.

In the meanwhile, I called up the local Walgreens and told them the whole story. As it turns out, they don't carry the 2000 mg/10mL vials, and even have trouble getting them from the manufacturer. They are, however, more than happy to sell me 10 each of the 200mg/1mL vials for $68.

Now my head is spinning. If the contamination issue is real (and after doing some reading, it seems that it may be) then getting the 1 mL vials at Walgreens is the way to go. Hell, for an extra $9 every 5 months it takes the question off the table. But if it's BS, then I might as well get the 2000 mg/10 mL vial at CVS and save a few bucks. And the 10 mL vial is what my doc prescribed in the first place.

I put a call into the doc's office to ask her about this, but she wasn't around. Anyone here have info on this point?



many of us are using the 10ml bottle of Test Cyp. Mine has an expiration date printed on it sometime in 2015, April or something.

if you are doing everything right, I see no cause for concern of contamination. Always alcohol swab the top of the vial before putting a new, sterile needle in, and store the vial when not in use in a temperature controled place with no direct sunlight…good to go. I actually store my vial in the box of alcohol swabs, placed high in a cabinet where I know there’s no chance of it getting bumped around or messed with.

I’d just get the 10ml vial from the local pharmacy with best price. I was originally going to get mine from “Wells Pharmacy” in FL as doc said insurance wouldn’t cover. This was $40/10ml vial…so that may be an option for you as well, maybe ask your doc about that for the future. Turns out, I stopped by a cvs, asked them if my insurance would cover, turns out it did, and I pay $10 for it. My HCG on the other hand, was rejected and I pay I think $60/10,000iu.


It’s unbelievable how ill-informed pharmacy staff are. They’re miles away from the fray of applied medicine and yet act like they’re in the thick of it with endless experience. I have to correct their errors almost every time I visit and educate them on the medications they are handing me.



Thanks for the input. Like you say, it appears that lots of guys are using the 10 mL vial well past the 28 days… if they can get 10 mL in the first place because of restrictions from their insurance or pharmacist. The 10mL vial should provide 19-20 weeks at 100 mg/wk. That’s a long way past 28 days, but it appears that it’s no big deal “in real life”.

After lots of reading, I did come across one article that said in a single patient, “ambulatory” (i.e. home) environment, the use of a “multi-dose vial” (MDV) beyond the universal 28-day guideline is acceptable. It’s probably all about using good sterile technique (wiping the top of the vial with an alcohol swab, etc) anyway, and it’s likely a CYA situation for the drug companies and pharmacies.

Think I’ll go with the experience of the guys who are using the 10 mL without issue rather than cave to the FUD of the folks who want me to buy more and throw it away. I’m going to go with SQ right from the start, too… so it looks like I’m bending more than one “rule”.



The 0.5% benzyl alcohol prevents any bacterial growth.


FWIW… the 2000 mg/10mL vial was $45.87 at CVS without insurance but using the discount coupon in the “Good Rx” mobile app. I really like that app!


[quote]KSman wrote:
The 0.5% benzyl alcohol prevents any bacterial growth.[/quote]


The risk for contamination is unbelievably small, and definitely independent of the size of the vial. People have been using the 10ml vials for years with zero issues. It’s purely a profit based recommendation.


I received the same BS story from my over priced mail order pharm. I researched… called the drug manuf. and asked 5 different big pharmacies. All told me use till gone… Definitely profit motivated…