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USA vs Canada


Anyone else gonna watch the UFC on March 4th being billed as USA vs Canada?

It looks like two fights of the year:

Bj Penn vs George St. Pierre

Rich Franklin vs David Loiseau

I am pumped!


Yeah I'm gonna watch it. Franklin wins in 2 or less. And GSP wins as well.

I'm more pumped to see Forrest and Tito go at it in April though... I hope Forrest pounds that big headed goon.

Keep on Rockin in the Free World.

Bdfone. Out.


Yea, I'm rooting for Franklin and GSP also.

Should be good fights.


They should have BJ Penn vs the world, lineup everyone on that card against him and he'll dispatch them all one by one....THE CHAMP IS BACK!!!!!!!


I think Franklin will win by K.O. in either round 2 or 3.

The Penn-GSP match is a real toss up. GSP has proven to be a great figher; but Penn is tough to beat when he's on top of his game. I'm going with Penn to win this one, setting up a Penn-Hughes fight later this year.


I'll be watching for sure and rooting for GSP!!!


Yay! more UFC

Franklin and GSP for me.


Franklin by submission in Round 2.

St. Pierre by decision.

Me defeating Arlovski by KO in 12 seconds then having sex with ring girl Amber.