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Hey international T-men, where you at? One thing I’ve enjoyed on this forum is hearing from dudes outside the US. Brits, Icelanders, Aussies, Finns, Irish rouges and Germans, etc etc. Lately it seems to be just a bunch of North Americans. What’s up? By the way, are ALL French guys really wussies?


I’m from Scotland and have been with the mag since it started and was known as an other name on the forum bobby i think it was but i didn’t post much ne ways when it first started maybe the last six months or so i have been posting regularly

New Zealand…Wellington!

Croatia… and I am not alone. :slight_smile:

I’m from Canada, sso that kind of makes me an unarmed American with healthcare.

New Zealand

American expatriot living in Paris, France. Pretty much all French men are pussies, and I don’t think they believe in deodorant, the gym I attend smells like a frigg’n sewer when the locals are working out.

My name kinda gives my location away… I’ve come across about 7 other ozzies that post here… don’t worry, the boys from down-under are lurking!


London, England.

I’m a Canuk…originally from Ontario now in Montreal. I don’t know about French guys from France, but some of the backwoods Quebecois-types are pretty far from wussy.

Hey im another Aussie Im 15 and have just been soaking up all the info for about 2 years.

… is from Sydney Australia and has no concept of piggyness or political correctness. He can wrestle the crap out of a croc though.

Yep, Brisbane Australia.

Born, bred, and reside in Melbourne, Australia. OT, but of interest to us poor Aussies: I found a better “local” protein powder recently - Horley’s. Its from NZ, and is a little cheaper than Aussie Bodies and Musashi, with a lot better taste (also has added Glutamine and BCAAs). That said, it still tastes average…


Netherlands, Amsterdam


this one is from germany … at this site i get to know as much about training as about the states and its people … pretty interesting.