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USA Trip Advice


I live in Australia but will be in the states for a month around Halloween with the wife. Any recommendations for a fellow meathead in regards places to go and see/ places to train/ eat etc. Doing LA, San Fran, Vegas, NY, DC, Miami & Cancun.


It’s considered rude not to shoot off your firearms into the air at all times.


I would say since you are going to be in Vegas, if you have time, shoot over to the Grand Canyon in Arizona (about 1 hour 30 min drive). The landscapes in America, especially in the West, are absolutely stunning and worth your time if you have some time to do it.

October/November is a beautiful time of year to visit anywhere in the US, so weather should be really nice for you.

Also, if you have ever heard of Average Broz Gym, they are located in Las Vegas as well.


San Fran is my favorite city in the US. The culture is incredible. Spend as much time as you can seeing everything there is to see there. Talk to locals about where to go. I don’t know if you’re into touristy stuff, but it’s great for both tourist traps and legitimately great places lol. Also, you can drive just a bit north of there, like an hour, and hit the redwood forests. One of the most incredible places in the US.


DC should be easy. There are about a bagillion museums and monuments. You use to be able to tour the White House, but I’m not sure that’s the case anymore.

*As far as gyms go, @Alpha’s gym is about an hour north-west of DC.


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fly into LAX, drive up to san fran then fly into vegas, fly over to NY, train down to DC, then planes the rest of the way


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yeah thanks heaps. looks amazing. your right that alot of “real america” will be missed. If i could get more time off work there would be 100 other places i would love to spend some time in


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Your plan looks good enough, the country is too big so there is only so much you can do in 1 trip. Driving for days/weeks to see the real america just isn’t the most time efficient way to see as much as possible in a given time. Since you are doing both coasts you might have a preference for 1 side so if you come back again stick to 1 side and do more driving.

Definitely take 101 (Not I-5) in California unless you want to see some of the worst parts of the state, plan for a lot of stops of places of interest on the way. Might even be worth it to say overnight on the half closer to SF like monterey/santa cruz, if anything the hotel is probably cheaper.


Be sure to check out Chichen Itza when you visit Cancun.

Also, I think its cool how roads and bridges are so “American.”


This is what I will do if I ever find myself near the bay area. The new Planet of the Apes movies sold me.


There are also redwoods between LA and SF along Highway 1 - it might fit your route better than going north of SF. Of course, just North and East are Napa and Sonoma if you are into wine country (and stellar food).

Highway 1 - don’t plan on making time. This is a two lane highway along the cliffs of the Pacific and there are a lot of motor homes going 35 mph. Even so, the beauty is worth it.


Just want to add…make sure you get a convertible!!!


When I visit USA an year back with my family of 15 person, we had gone to mostly San Fran and its outskirts because of the rich culture of that city. We had hired an RV there which was then safely shipped to our place of residence, for which you can see here, and then our adventurous journey started. Here, I would like to mention that travelling with an RV gives you extra comfort and luxury feeling. So think about it!