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USA the Aggressor

The USA came into my home and stole my Cheese right out of my fridge.

We need to stop these crazy roman wanna bes from stealing peoples cheese god damit

[quote]Judas wrote:
“I am an australian”


Is English still the primary language in Australia?

no we speak broken english like your blacks and hit kangaroos with sticks when where hungry

[quote]Judas wrote:
no we speak broken english like your blacks

But you’re not racist, right?

[quote]Judas wrote:
I am australian
we are a small rich counrty with not a
lot of worldly problems

the thing that i observe is that america is always the main aggressor like in the middle east they have been going there and bombing and killing people for years like almost 30 years can you imagine if you lived there and how fucking angry you would be

like saddam was armed by the usa to defeat iran in the iraq vs iran, afgahnistan was armed by the usa to defeat the russian invasion

so these people would be thinking ok the usa is good they are helping us but have there own gains from it

then the usa turns on them and invades there countrys under the most insane reasons for somethink like maybe a few people did and organised

it is totally insane, with this logic i could get punched in the face in a pub go by some random guy who runs away and all i could remember is that he was white so i go around and kill every white person and take over there houses and steal there stuff thats the message the USA is sending to the world

we will invade you for no reason kill your children and take your oil money lives whatever we want

if i was not on the usa’s list on buddies i would be arming myself to the teeth with any kinda rock or stick or nuke

it has to stop some where its like who has the right to do the things the usa is doing there like romans or somthing
its disguasting

im no racist i have no problem with any person from the usa or any person who likes them, im fond of there culture but seruoisly some one needs to stand up to them and say NO we wont allow you to bully and attack other countrys its not on and we wont stand for it


Grammar dude, grammar…

lol, riiiight, like we’re going to see conservative-ass Australia do that…

believe me, as a Californian, I hope every damned day to wake up to the headlines, “Cali. Secedes from USA”

but seriously. nobody NEEDS to stop the US. …we’ll do it ourselves; we simply can’t afford to keep this up, and people are finally starting to get that.

[quote]BIGRAGOO wrote:
Judas wrote:
no we speak broken english like your blacks

But you’re not racist, right?[/quote]


dont you have people who have black skin and speak broken english and are proud of it and made a whole culture out of it shit i must be miss informed…

called HIP HOP g it must have been all the white people who made it mmmm sorry got that one wrong

stating the colour of a races skin is not racist and i am black by the way

nar they need to be stopped there bullys and countrys need to unite and stop them

i am black fool

yeah yeah yeah just read it dont like it say so, do like it say so.
i dont wanna hear about grammer

where not that conservative hey, there are huge hippy and alternative communitys here like whole towns of them they wanna stay hidden so you dont here about them i grew up in one, most of our country like admitts to smoking pot even our politicians admitt it on tv, but yeah we dont get alot of media out to the world so i see where you get that idea from

[quote]Judas wrote:
nar they need to be stopped there bullys and countrys need to unite and stop them[/quote]

no, seriously… we’ll fold sooner or later. Rome didn’t fall because all the other nations of the world decided to unite against it. Rome fell because it became too spread out, too decadent, too spoiled and lazy, without enough of an economy and an intelligent enough government to sustain it.

…see any parallels? …or are your poor grammar and spelling indicative of more systemic cognative issues?

…and for the record, black people can be racists too.

lol what so if im black and say your a black fuck im racist what kind of logic is that

i went to a hippy school untill high school fucked up my spelling alright im smart as im studying film and animation
you must be called to judge people on little things like grammer instead of what is really being said, not every body had a public education there are other more import things to learn in life like understanding and manners

yeah i know about rome thats why i said it yes lets hope the americans all have lead pipes and go mad and put a horse in parlement like they did

not really all id like is religion out of politics and a reverse in violent culture maybe a health system that works and supports every body in the country and is free like ours doesnt make sense not to look after your people and be sooo rich

nono, I know that there are peace-loving hippie folk in Aussieland… just like in the States.

…but I also know what your foreign policy is like, and it’s positively ATROCIOUS. Furthermore, you guys treat immigrants like second-class citizens. (not that the states is better in that resepct, mind you)

Human rights apply to EVERYONE, no matter WHAT country you’re from.

our gross population goes down each year with out immagration, we need to for our furture but alot of the immagrants are not assmilating very well, as for refugees you cant let every body in yeah its pretty fucked but we are a really racist country
i have been in mass protests about that issues its fucked up we have sooo much space not to let a extra 1000 in is fucked.
i have been abused and delt with violent attck sense a youth all race based why i train :wink:

we are probaby one of the most isolated western countrys in the world we boarder with no body and untill the last 40 years were a whites only country as policy on the books, we just had like fucking 5000 white australians grouped toghter in sydney and went around bashing and killing any person who wasnt white so its still full on i guess

Bigotry also applies to hating people for being American.

For example trying to blame America for everything that goes wrong in the world. America is the most successful country, and we are supposed to be ashamed because of it. We are put down because of it, and blamed for every little thing that goes wrong in the world because of it.

Lets say we did arm people in the Mid-East, (and it should be mentioned it is always overstated as to what was actually done here,) yet who was the person who used said weapons? Why are they given a pass, and the terrible American the ones to blame?

Too tell the truth it does not matter what we do, we are going to be put down as being evil. If we take actions, we are doing evil acts, and hurting the innocent, if we do not take action, we are hateful self-absorbed jerks who do not care about the world. Lose lose situation.

I often hear people say we need to worry how the rest of the world thinks about us, and I keep thinking how shallow. Lets try to do what is right regardless of what others think. Do I think the actions in Iraq were good? Hell yeah. Saddam is out of power, and I can guarantee less people in the world will die as a result.

We have the biggest military, and as a result seem to be the worlds police whether we like it or not, and whether or not anyone else likes it or not. Yet the same people who complain about us would complain even more if we just suddenly pulled our military back to the US, and only defended ourselves, taking no action in the world.

Now for some logic on this issue, it is nice to call us the main aggressor, but what exactly does that mean? Were we an aggressor when we pushed Iraq out of Kuwait? As an aggressor, are we ever in the right with said aggression? If we are in the wrong, how exactly are we in the wrong?

Back to two of the issues you pointed out, the USA backing Iraq against Iran, and backing Afghanistan against the USSR. Look at history, and look at who was seen as the greater threat at the time. Not this Monday night quarterbacking. (Or morning if you prefer.)

It is so easy to complain about things after the fact, yet what would have happened if America did not take action? What if Afghanistan fell to the Russians? What if Iran won the war, and as a result took over Iraq and their oil fields? At the time it looked like Iran was our big enemy, not Iraq.

Sometimes it is hard to see why events occur, and why actions are taken. For example Regan?s military buildup. He was called the biggest fool in the world, and a nut job. I remember the time very well. History has opened up and shown part of why this happened. Intelligence showed that the USSR had a much lower military capability then what they were trying to portray, and they were on much weaker financial footing being that they were a socialist country of sorts. By building up, it forced them to attempt to compete, which bankrupted them, ended the cold war, and also resulted in the Berlin Wall coming down.

Are these not good things?

There is a worldwide chess game going on, and we either play or we do not. Whether we play or not, the other sides are playing. They do not care if we make any moves, they prefer we do not.

I would love it if the whole world could live in peace and harmony. If all wars could end, and we could all hold hands and sing koombayah. This is not reality. Expecting this makes as much sense as walking up to a mountain lion, and giving him a flower, and expecting him to give you a big hug. (He will hug you in a sort of way, but expect a few scratches and bites too.)

I understand being against war, and wanting peace. I want these things too. Just be careful of just blaming America because everyone else is. Look deeper and think for yourself.

nice post
yeah i mainly see them as the aggressor due to the fact that they know they are the biggest and use it with or with out the consent of there peers, also i dont think they have the right to kill any one in any other country that has nothink to do with being a successfull country which i respect them for being but they are on conqured land with a extremely violent history and a now violent culture that i think produces this kind of attitude of yeah we are the biggest and the best we can invade countrys who might be a threat rar rar rar, yeah in those past events sure they might have stoped other countrys from doing this and that but the bottom line is they where surporting war and killing and helpin create chaos and death, in reality i can see what they are doing and it is looking after number one which is fine if you do it in a way in which you are respect full and be a gracouis winner , i dont think kill thousands of people to get one man is this at all or all the other countless shit they pull, you would have to be simple to think they couldnt have killed saddam with one bullet from one man, they wanted the oil they wanted army in the area they have long term goals in the middle east that will result in them having controll of the oil and such any one can see this. no body can stop them from acheiving there goals in a mans world they are god but in a mans world the game is sly and unpridictable, we will see what happens the people in charge care nothink about human life its all about money and being number one for the usa, but hey as you say some one has to do it id rather the usa running the show and chian but they are all still fucked in my books and are totally arragent and have no souls

you reap what you sow i say
reap what you sow

[quote]Judas wrote:
where not that conservative hey, there are huge hippy and alternative communitys here like whole towns of them they wanna stay hidden so you dont here about them i grew up in one, most of our country like admitts to smoking pot even our politicians admitt it on tv, but yeah we dont get alot of media out to the world so i see where you get that idea from[/quote]

mmm…are you proud of growing up in Nimbin?

I will say that I can see why other counries don’t apprciate our imperialist attitude (culturally and otherwise). But in addition to serving selfish motives, we do a lot of things that need to get done and provide a lot of external aid and benefits to boot.