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USA Haters

I’m starting this thread in response to posts made by adal and Lars and the like in the “TCs army article” thread. I may very well get flamed for taking up yet another thread with a long rant about anti-USA chuckle-heads, but so be it. I bleed red, white and blue, I’m a Patriot and I tend to get offended when people criticize our country, our leaders and our policies in the face of how much good we’ve done for the world in general.

Allow me to pose a scenario…

Suppose the USA, shut down all of it’s borders, withdrew every troop from every foreign post, cut off all foreign aid, and stopped trading goods in the international market. I am willing to bet that USA has the resources to become entirely self-sufficient and make this scenario a reality. Maybe, maybe not, but consider the state of the world after a few years in this scenario. Oh yeah, the world really would hate us then! But you certainly wouldn’t be able to blame us for war-mongering, meddling in foreign affairs, murdering any of your innocent children or generally failing as the world’s “moral leader”.

Fuck you if you didn’t like who we elected President, it wouldn’t be your problem any more. He’s our president and he only deals with domestic policy now.

There would be complete chaos when any fanatic leader with a dirty bomb and a brigade of willing suicide bombers would march from country to country claiming you all under new leadership. Countries and cultures would cease to exist because they are too poor, because they can’t feed their people, because they can’t heal their sick, or because they can’t defend themselves against the latest “Kim Il Saddam Bin Laden”.

Oh yeah, and about all those financial loans to struggling countries. Yeah, we told you we were going to forgive them but fuck that, you don’t like us anymore so we think it’s time you start making good on your payment plans. And due to the restructuring of our lending policies, we’ve tacked on a 21% “fuck you” interest rate and cut off your line of credit.

Hmmm, I wonder what would happen to all of the countries who were on the brink of war but sat idle because the USA served as a buffer? Isreal and the Palestinians (trying not to laugh)?? China and Taiwan?? North Korea and South Korea?? The ENTIRE Middle East? I wonder if India and Pakistan would sit back and say, “hmm, the USA is out of the picture now… awww, fuck it!” Just to name a few…

And because all of the prisoners in Guantanamo were being mistreated, we’re unlocking the gates and letting them all go free. And you can have Saddamn back too, maybe the Iraqis will accept that as repayment for all the innocent children we accidentally killed while “illegally” removing him from power. But you can rest assured that those guys won’t be swimming up to the USA, no siree! Because when we withdrew all of our troops, guns, equipment, planes, etc. from abroad, we brought it all back to the good 'ol USA and significantly increased our “homeland defense” efforts. Yep, we now have troops lined up shoulder to shoulder around the entire perimeter of our country with ground-to-air defense posts placed at strategic intervals pointing conspicously “outward”.

Let’s see… illegal aliens, you get the boot and from this point forward you will be dealt with by our new border defense. All people working or going to school in the USA on a Visa… Revoked!! Good-bye, get the fuck out! You can no longer earn money in our country and send it back to whatever fucking country/kingdom/province/village you came from, that money and education stays here!

NATO, the UN, and any other international organization we belong to, we resign. We’re out, peace, good luck. We don’t need to be in your “clubs” any more, fuck foreign relations. If you don’t fuck with us, we won’t fuck with you.

Oops, no more international police. So when Umfufu, the leader of the rival tribe/rebel uprising/coup de ta, decides to go hut to hut with a machete because he and his cohorts no longer support your government, your on your own. You’ll have to take it up with the UN. Oh what’s that? There still debating over whether they should send peacekeepers to help? Damn that sucks, maybe they’ll work it out real soon.

And since we’re saving so much money by not giving it all to a bunch of ungrateful anti-USA countries, we’ve begun to focus on domestic problems; national deficit, poverty, free health care, disease, etc. Becoming a self-sufficient country has increased the job market too.

Without the USA, this world would be a COMPLETELY different beast. Think of all of the wonderful things throughout history that have come from this country. The inventions, the discoveries, the advancement of all aspects of human life. Think of all the countries we’ve bailed out of bad situations. And not to name names, but one of the countries we’ve taken the most shit from recently, France… yeah, who’s bitch would you be these days without the USA??

So everybody in the world hates us now huh?? Well, that’s right… keep fucking with us. Keep sending terrorists over here, keep suicide bombing innocent people, keep burning our flag and see what happens. You think our President is a “stupid monkey”, he may not be the wisest but thank your lucky stars he’s not as stupid and reckless as you are accusing him of being. Suppose the USA had a leader like Saddam Hussein or Osama Bin Laden with the same resources at his disposal. Yeah, by the time that first plane hit the WTC, he would’ve called “Jihad” on the entire fucking planet and started lobbing nukes on every fucking country that didn’t have the letters “U”, “S”, or “A” in there name!! But keep on… one day somebody is gonna fuck up and really piss us off and then we’ll see what happens. Remember, this country was started because a handful of FARMERS got fed up with being bullied by an uppity Kingdom that didn’t know when to let well enough alone. So 200+ years of intellectual, industrial and technological advancement later, no sand/cave-dwelling terrorists, self-righteous panty-wearing pacificsts or mad, tyrannical dictators are going to intimidate us.

So if you don’t like the USA, shut the fuck up and do something about it! Turn off your MTV, spit out the Big Mac or Whopper your chewing on, take off your Tommy Hilfiger’s and give us back every fucking thing we’ve ever given or done for you in the past 200 years. Then send us a postcard letting us know how things are going…

So how does that sound? I know this scenario is completely ridiculous… won’t ever happen, couldn’t ever happen but it makes an interesting point I think. So to anyone who doesn’t like the USA or thinks we’re evil or wants to bomb us, etc., my message to you is this, don’t bite the hand that feeds you, you ungrateful pieces of shit…

The only reason somebody would start such a thread would be to start shit.

What about all the money that we owe other countries? You know that pesky balance of payments deficit we have? How do we deal with that in your scenario?

“So if you don’t like the USA, shut the fuck up and do something about it! Turn off your MTV, spit out the Big Mac or Whopper your chewing on, take off your Tommy Hilfiger’s and give us back every fucking thing we’ve ever given or done for you in the past 200 years”

I wonder how many foreingers were used in labour, marketing, designing, raw materials etc? Your theory is the dumbest i have ever heard. No country can survive alone, NONE. If usa was to isolate itself from rest of the world it will soon turn into a thrid world country due the lack of access to resources. Hell you guys most probably cant even survive without water, power etc canada supplies, similarly we depend on you for certain things(cant think of a good example besides nhl). So idiots like yourself who think the world should be divided in seperate groups are the reason some hate usa in the first place.

self-sufficient ???

we all need each other…


Word just in-----This is officially the dumbest thread ever.


so ur name is dstrbd_one…i say no more

Hey, aren’t you that Toby Keith guy?

Sigh… Well I did ask for the flames I guess…

@samsmarts comment 1:
No sam, as I stated, I didn’t start the thread to “start shit”, I started it to respond seperately to posts from some very specific people in another thread. But since you responded twice in the matter of 5 minutes, I see that you don’t mind being knee deep in the shit I started.

@samsmarts comment 2:
C’mon man really?? I posed a hypothetical situation to make a point about the contributions we’ve made to the world in light of all of the USA-bashing that goes on and you think I’m acutally suggesting we do this. First of all, no it wasn’t a suggestion or a theory at all, it was a “what if” scenario. Yes, I’ve had basic college level Economics classes and understand that in no way would that scenario be feasible. My point was not to prove the feasibility of the scenario. My point was that if, somehow, it was possible, it would affect the entire world negatively and that alot/most of what our country does is taken for granted. So if the “theory was the dumbest you’ve ever heard”, it’s because it wasn’t a theory, and no, I’m not one of the “idiots” you referred to that wants to divide the world into seperate groups. Next time read the post for how it was intended and fuck you very much…

thank you for joining in the dumbest thread ever

Because I didn’t think that everyone was going to analyze my post for economic, social and political errors, I didn’t include any disclaimers. Hindsight 20/20… No people, I’m not actually suggesting that we as a country should do this, or that I would actually like to see it happen. I just wanted to point out some things that I think go unmentioned. So, to those people and countries that do support the U.S., thank you, I at least, appreciate it. I certainly didn’t mean to alienate any countries/people that do support our country. No, I am not a racist, bigot, homophobe, segregationist or any other politically incorrect-minded monster. Nor do I have a problem with the aforementioned Visa holders working or going to school in our country. Again, those points were brought up to show the benefits that MANY people from other countries gain from us.

If anybody wants to bash my patriotism, fine. If you think that I chose a poor example in verbalizing my patriotism, fine. Just don’t pick me apart because you think I’m suggesting some New World Order. Jesus… I figured I would offend those mentioned in the subject line, not EVERYBODY! My apologies to everyone, I will refrain from such rants in the future.

Better than just closing off our borders would be to exert a tiny little fraction of our might and clear out Canada and the Middle East so that we could use the natural resources God clearly intended for us to have.

The USA subsists on the resources of others.
Do you think that all the fat lazy American pigs would give up their suburbanite houses, their fancy one-car-per-person, massive water and natural resource consumption, and their GAP child-labour clothing??
NO! There is no way the American way of life could continue without continuous exploitations of the rest of the world. All the resources on US soil would be used up, polluted, and wreaked so fast you can’t imagine.
End rant.

We should just go ahead and invade Canada then. :slight_smile:

some people have absolutely no idea how the world works…
Absurd indeed.

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Did someone say dumbest thread ever?

your just jelous, i would be too if i wasn’t american.


first you’d have to FIND Canada on a map…


ps. i’ll rent you a few hundred snowmobiles for your invasion.


why the hell would we need snowmobiles? all you tequilla drinking, taco eating fools down there, wouldn’t stand a chance against us. Hell, we take over half the country aways for Spring Break!

I’m actually really looking forward to invading Canada. Nice warm weather, Canadian beer with limes in them, and I fucking love Canadian food. How the hell do you make it so spicy?

Hell, you guys beat the pants off those hockey playing Mexicans!

Bedz… thats some funny shit… LOL

DAMn those hockey playin’ mexicans…

…hey march break is comin’…

i’ll save you an ice cold Canadian Corona…


Oh yes, I’m looking forward to that Canuck Corona and I’ve heard some wonderful things about those Canadian Margaritas. Is Jimmy Buffett still chillin’ with you guys?

The thing that I really don’t get about all you Canadians, is that you are keep trying to cross the boarder and come north! You guys got that free health care system and everything. Decent employment rates and an not so shabby economy but you still come up here to get paid a nothing for a crap labor job. Is working at KFC all that much better than the luxuries that you have down in Canada? I mean, why can’t you just be like our northern hard workin’ brothers the Mexicans? Now there’s a group a people who know how to work hard. Nice ass folk too. Talk a little funny but I can forgive that.