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USA Falls...We Are Blind


Warning, this is an emotionally charged alarmist rant.

I am no economist but I can see the near future with much clarity, and a potential future theoritially from whats going on today.

So the USA, decided to sell out its industry in the 70s, no more tvs or boomboxes, let's do other things! At the same time our gov't and car businesses let foreign countries dominate our auto industry. Then when Japan got money they bought up all sorts of US enterprises and natural resources (Japanese steel?) This is just an example however, because our oil dependence at the same time resulted in us sucking on Saudi tit to stay afloat and having them buy up our economy along with a bunch of other nations, and subsequently buying our government officials more or less.

Segway into late 80s and early 90s, our industry is ailing and diminishing, but our financial sector is still on top based on the post-bellum status world quo. Soviets fall, so we are unchallenged globally. This reinvigors our financial games. The USA exists and makes money hand over fist by playing financial games along with Western Europe at basically everyone's expense.


So we do that...

The IT boom occurs, and we are invigorated with a new industry that provides a temporal pillar to our substanceless economy.

The IT boom lasts as long as it takes for other countries to invest in C and Java books. So within 20 years, that work is going overseas as well. So then in the 2000s we are losing our domestic IT at the hand of our own companies fully or partiall defecting.

But we're still fine, because no Americans REALLY want to work anymore anyways, when you have this infinitely obese pinata everytime you buy a house than you can just bust open and eat the candy of whenever you refinance...

New American Way = Get 40k Neo-HS Diploma in some Skilless Humanity (Business, English, Psychology, ETCETERA), Get Desk Job, Get In Debt, Get Huge Amount Of Moneys Leveraging Debt ----> Create no value but carry much entitlement :slightly_smiling:

So 2001 comes and someone drops a plane into a building. Big deal.
But our gov't makes it an excuse to go into an Asian landwar for the benefit of foreign powers and personal business interests.

So then late 2000s we are living off our military prestige and financial games that are held up by it. Unfortunately, our Financial Game blows up in our face, because we were reckless, we are no longer popular and there is no substance behind paper shuffling.

Unfortunately, for American people, our Asian Land wars we're never even really resource wars so, we didn't get ANYTHING out of it. :slightly_smiling:

So that takes us to where we are now.

We have no real industry, our gov't is fat and spoiled, they are corrupted and controlled by foreign interests, our ppl are entitled, uninterested, lazy, and our economy has lost all its feet.

We have service industry and military...

So what do we do?

Our plutocrats, leverage out more easy money by robbing the tax payers and selling their life incomes to foreign powers.

This whole time we have been borrowing from China...and you don't think they have a game plan?
While we change our mind every 5 years, they have been on the same page for 20+ years.

They have taken Western money back when it had value, and built more and more infrastructure for their insular economy. They take their value and prestige and exploit the true wealth of the Earth, by going to Africa and colonizing for resource.

While our country invests in valueless endeavors and gives its money away for nothing.
Shits out stimulus plans to pay an obese pollywog to stand at a desk and do nothing, because apparently jobs just jobs will create value....even if they make NOTHING :slightly_smiling:

Once their insular economy is robust enough, they ARE GOING TO JACK THE YUAN UP AND RUN SHIT.

Right now the Yuan is enormously undervalued...and there is NOTHING WE CAN DO, because
... We are afraid to make our products becuz a coffee mug would cost 25 bux....
So we won't ask today that they step the price up.



So while we bitch, and talk liberal policies & study Lesbo-African American literature etcs....we are watching our country fall to its knees...and WE ARE DOING NOTHING!

The tragedy is that there is nothing that can be done WITHOUT CULTURAL REVOLUTION.
For all of our problems political and economic are stemming from the disease within the mind and the spirit of our own people.

This is the....maybe...
So have fun in 15 years when the USA finally pops a logic error pulls a USSR and can't pay bills to its own military ( nearly happened on a state level last year)...then pulls a Yugoslavia and we have a full on race/religious/civil war, resulting in our country being reduced to a handful of republics ran by foreign powers. While anyone with half a brain is applying for a VISA to live in Germany.
And your daughters who can't get out are posting pictures of themselves on www.bridemeiguoren.us to be wives of the then 80 million strong Chinese male surplus.

So have fun guys. Let's just keep TALKING our way out of this future instead of DOING SOMETHING.


maybe you should think twice about it.

in 2050, life will be better in the Californian Provinces of the Chinese Republic than in Germanistan.




Worry wart.

Just kidding. :wink:

Oh the last part will never happen because as one asian American comic put it, "Asian men are the Lenny and Squiggy of the world."


So you agree with everything but the last part?

And btw

It doesn't matter for the last part. Do you think Russian women are attracted to the virility of a 50 year old US army man?


China's emergence as the most powerful economy in the world is not due to China's greatness, but America's failure.


China is headed for a big fall one way or another. If the US can slow or stop the growth of government they will be fine.


today, the main greatness of China comes from its size and demographics.
tomorrow, the main weakness of China will come from its size and demographics.

but truth is that we will have way more to worry and to lose if China fail to develop itself.


I'm just saying, this sh*t has been debated and talked about for years and years. I've already had my 'sky is falling' moment. I have been preparing for the inevitable ever since.

Is it true we have cut our throats by shipping out all the manufacturing etc?

Have we made most of our own problems from scratch?

Are we the only ones now who can turn things around and solve them?

Will it get done? Who knows...

I believe most are seeking some form of escape rather than face the problems and actually deal with them. World of War Craft or whatever is the flavor of the month. Most people don't want to face the ugliness, but then when has it ever been pretty?

I was trying to inject a little humor to hopefully lighten your mood. I don't know how old you are but I grew up with the near constant knowledge that the whole world was one button push away from oblivion, and the Russians were the big bad wolf. Things changed but not really, and ever since is been one chrome plated turd after the next.

You come to terms with it, decide what you are willing and able to do, and what kind of person you are going to be, prepare your body mind heart and spirit as best you know how, and beyond that, be the best you can personally be. If that involves a call to arms to get your fellow humans to act, then so be it.

But in all honesty I believe people are not as ignorant as they are apathetic. And they are also not very honest with themselves and interpret the same observations you have differently. Get used to a certain amount of dissapointment. It is par for the 'call to arms' course.


Good post, and I agree with you to a point. But I can tell you one thing this current Admin. and Recession are sure waking up a bunch of people, including myself.
I agree with Vires we feel all this gloom and doom but then he reminds us of the Cold War, great point my friend. That really put things into perspective.
America is great for a reason and lets hope we can wake up enough minds and souls to continue it.