USA Competitions

SO I haven’t been on this side of the site in a while. Started out here but once I moved to a gym without bumper plates (at PT school and living on loans isn’t a good time to pay for a gym when you have a free one) I made the switch to powerlifting. Competed in it in Dec for a push pull and won my division but it was a small meet. Nonetheless, the point of this comment is where on the internet is there a list of weightlifting competitions?

I’ve searched for a while but have found none. Does crossfit sponsor some? Are there typically ~1 in each state throughout the year? I made the mistake (or not) of making it over to the Cal Strength website a few weeks back and took a deload week and did a ton of hang power snatches and needless to say, I’m back to being enamored with the Oly lifts again (It does help that I PR’d in my second workout on hang snatches over my best from the summer when I was training it frequently).

I know weightlifting isn’t as popular here in the states but if I could find some possible competitions coming up, I would consider strictly training them. If not, I believe I may start throwing the lifts back in, albeit more than likely the power versions, on my lower days as there is a PL comp coming up in June I’d like to hit. Probably snatches one day and cleans one day, hopefully some jerks somewhere in there too.

Anyways, any comps or a list of comps someone can direct me to? I’m in TN and on loans so traveling too too far out of the south isn’t much of an option.

Thanks a lot. I searched that sight for a bit and never found that.

On the other hand, what are some olympic lifters opinions on training for both PL and OL? Snatch and C&J one day each a week with hopefully additional workouts with bar work and other sub max when I can fit it and of course squatting and other powerlifting related movements as well? I know that perhaps both will suffer to a degree without sole focus but I also feel both can improve a good bit while training both. Hopefully without too much adverse effects on each.

There’s a pretty good discussion on Pendlay’s forum in the strength section. I’d go there and check it out. Basically, you would do OL lifting twice a week and PL lifting twice.

Pendlay also wrote an article:

If you want to compete in both? Well, I would think about including snatch and C/J as warm-ups to your lower body PL days in addition to whatever you do on Olympic days. Not anything even that heavy, but the more often you can train the technique the better off you’ll be IMVHO. And besides, I personally feel that they work great as warm-ups for heavy lifting because of the CNS “wake-up call”, as long as they’re not really heavy volume or super draining weight. Just my .02