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USA Basketball


They suck. Thats what they get for trying to be And1 Mixtape. There is no way on earth the best (of who wanted to play) basketball players on the planet should ever lose a game let alone win a game by less than 30. And this also shows why Mike Krzyzewski has never ventured into the NBA. He cannot coach anything outside of the college ranks.

This has become an absolute joke. All of those players should have their checks and endorsements stripped for 5 years after the embarrassment they gave the US.


They obviously arent the best basketball players on the planet!

And yes, blame the coach:) Thats the reason! (cant understand though why he left Howard out of the game and also didnt take a timeout during the end)

Why do they call the NBA champions World champions? I think its time they change that now. There are many, many, many teams outside US that are better than some of those NBA teams. Jordan, Bird, Magic and those guys have left the game, its time you come to realise that you arent the best in the world anymore.


Not just this team. The US hasn't won a world title since 1994.


Basketball is not an individual sport, its a team game.

Unfortunately usa BB doesnt really have time to gel into a team. So they got beat by a better TEAM.

Also the fact that the nba is de valuing the skill portions of the game.

HS kids, w/ no concept of how to play as a team how to play team defense, how to shoot a mid range jumpshot. Blocking out, rebounding, running pick and rolls, defending the pick and roll. These are the kids who the nba is handing the reins to.

The commish needs to take a break from counting his cash, and pay attention to the directon the GAME is headed.


Thank you. My thoughts exactly. Greece represented what bball should be all about.
So much for dominating every quarter :slight_smile:


Good Post, I agree.

The US held their own, but in the long run lost to a better team. Just like Argentina in the Olympics...

Damn Ginobli...


Remember that the NBA is not composed of strictly American players. The best from the world still come to play in the NBA.

The United States teams are facing several things. First and foremost is a general rise in talent level around the world. There is also a drop-off in talent in American players, especially the kind that fares well under international play (styles of play are different due to rules and other issues). Beyond that, many NBA players choose to skip out on international play, as the track record of getting hurt after playing that much in the off season is extremely bad, so America hasn't sent its best team since the Dream Team.

The previous problems are exacerbated by others, but still problems that the Dream Team faced back in the day. Note that the Dream Team would drub the current US teams in the same manner it did other countries back in the day. Just run down the rosters for a quick comparison - there is none. Yet the Dream Team still faced other problems such as:

  • Melding as unit to play other teams that have been together for years.

  • Coming up with motivation to win something you're not paid to win when you're getting 7, 8, or 9 figures to play in a different league.

  • Winning a championship in single elimination play. NBA teams are designed to win 7 game series.

The Dream Team had enough of a pure talent advantage to overcome these issues, but the current 2nd and 3rd string all-star teams the US sends are nowhere near that talent level and are facing much greater talent levels.


This is why the NCAA champion should represent the USA in the Olympics/World Championships.

1.) They just had a full season playing together and they're obviously gelling, any team that can run the gauntlet of March Madness has the mental toughness and cohesion to handle playing on the world stage.

2.) They'd still be amatuers or just recently drafted, so they'd still have that hunger, still be playing their ass off and none of them would turn down a spot on the team. Plus if they lost we could always just say we weren't playing our best players :slight_smile:

3.) The talent level would easily be equal to any team on the world stage. Look at Florida this past year, several future NBA players on that team.

4.) It would provide just that much MORE excitement to the NCAA tournament if the team that won got to represent the country, especially come Olympic time.

Fuck it, we're already losing- why not?


send an NBA team. any NBA team. sans non-USA players. they'd win and win easily. problem is these guys don't run offensive plays. they don't play together enough and they are not inclined to really be a team. so they lose. ESPN.com predicted it a few weeks ago when they were winning each game by 50 pts.


Hell, send Duke and they'd win.


I'm a huge bball junkie, I play & watch NBA, a little college. I can't believe they lost & I'm pissed. WHY THE HELL IS COACH K THE COACH OF THIS TEAM?!?!?!?!!?!?! HE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE NBA!!!! THAT IS FUCKED UP & I'M PISSED!

These guys, USA are the best in the world, but that what's going to happen when you play only a handful of games together, BUT IMO that shit should not even matter!!!

And that's what they get for not putting AI & for not keep Gilbert A. Bastards.

I've been keep tabs on this USA team, somewhat, but WAS NASH ON THIS TEAM?!?!?! What's up with that shit! I'm really, really pissed about all this & I'm lost for words. FUCK!


Duke couldn't win a high school girls B team tournament.

I'm not biased, though. :slight_smile:

UCONN for life!


Nash is Canadian dude...


I agree with all you guys this sucks. I think everything ya'll said is right but will add one more thing:
NBA refs need to start calling tighter games. They let way too many things slide and the NBA guys get sloppy and then they have a hard time adjusting to the tighter called International game.


Nash is Canadian.


Are you joking??!! The NBA already is so tight with the rules its ridiculous! No hand checking, no contact at all hardly, and you want tighter games? Ya, you can watch those 4+ hour games due to all the free throws, no thanks.


The NBA league is designed for the audience. They(David Stern) want people to watch the games that have no knowledge about the game. Its a show. Its all about the money. They want high scores, alley-ops etc. Everthing that the players want is...Money.
Do you maybe think that could be one of the reasons causing the problem US and A team is facing now and for the last 10 years? So blame David Stern, not Mike Something.


That's right, FUCK!


Well put, pretty much aggree. I"ve never liked Stern. My dad & I think Magic & Bird should be the new commishes. LOL! Whatever.... Stern has been in there way too long.


We all know that if the US would have taken the best of the NBA to Japan they would win it all , eyes closed, one hand tied behind their backs, just remember the Dream Team.