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US vs Mexico


So as I watched last nights soccer I was amazed at the crowd in how it was all pro-Mexican in US soil. Mind you I am an anchor baby whose parents are now US citizens. It irks me that all my hispanic friends who are earning a living here in the great USA root for Mexico. What the hell has Mexico ever provide you, you love it so much that you are in the USA.
My question how prevalent is this among the Irish, Italians or other ethnics living here in the USA and does it bother you as much.


Who cares? I used to live in Spain and I would root for America in the World Cup, even though my family was earning its income from a Spanish company. It would have been weirder/stupider to root against the country of my origin.


Who cares? Alot of folks. Its like biting the hand that feeds you my friend. Its more of an American pride issue and the infusion of our culture into them when they are in our homeland. Especially when the majority of them are on welfare. I can understand a professional man or woman spending a few years earning and learning in order to take it back to his country.


It is just a fucking soccer game, calm the fuck down.


Lol, dude thats not the fucking point. The point is of others here in this country who root against it. Thats the fucking point.


In a SOCCER GAME. They are not fighting against it in a fucking war. Most races/ethnicities do this just wait until the world cup.


Well that leads me to my next point. Yeah its a soccer game but I have many aunts and uncles who are here siphoning the welfare system of the good ole USA. Thats kinda of my point. And yes I argue with them but they think all white men are stupid for having us taxpayers pay for there food and braces and medical bills. I can assure you they all do it. That was my point.
Its common everyday thing here in Dallas. I wanted to infuse it with other people of other races.


You wanted to infuse it with other people?

Who is they? Your family?

Lastly, latino is not a race it is a culture. If you saw me on the street you would think I am white (light skinned, light brown hair with green eyes) but, my grandparents were born in Mexico and consider themselves Mexican.


There are enough things in this world to get upset about, we don't have to go searching for extra shit to be offended by. Support for sports teams is visceral and little else. As a real-world issue, it is entirely meaningless.


They are the Mexicans and you know there are many..too infuse with other first or second generation Koreans, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Africans, Brazilians, Chinese...those like you and me with parents born other places but us born here.


Im not upset about the sport smh. Nor rather said am I mad. It somewhat bothers me that on American soil there was more Mexican fans there than Americans. Not to mention the telecast was bi-lingual. Jumped back and forth between english and spanish. The point being are there other cultures or races in the US who do the same?


I would imagine that recent immigrants from any country would support their own, especially in a sport like soccer where the US still has a ways to go in order to be competitive (comin along though).


Mexico sucks in soccer.

I know they beat the US, but the US is even worse in soccer. They can't do dick when the World Cup comes, they have never won a World Cup, they have never even come close to winning a World Cup.

Seraphim, I don't know where in California you live, but to these people, it's not JUST A FUCKING GAME. Case in point... ask these people who they were really cheering for when they raised the Mexican flag over a US Post Office.


If you moved to another country, would you still support the USA in the Olympics?

Exactly. Grow up.


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Sorry, I should have been more clear, my grandparents still live in Mexico. I was commenting on his race comment.


Every culture does this. . . watch the world cup, go to bars, you'll see Americans of Italian, Irish, German, Brazilian, whatever etc. descent rooting for the teams of their respective "homelands". Even against the American team, just being proud of where your people are from, nothing wrong with it (they will also root for America against everyone else).

My father was born in Latvia, I always root for Latvian teams every olympics, so what?


What if they were just rooting for the better of the two teams and the OP is blowing this out of proportion?


So the US soccer team feeds Mexicans?

I am confused.


Yay for open borders. This is what happens.