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US Strengthlifting Federation


Does anyone have any insights, or are perhaps even training for the contests put on by this new organization that Rippetoe is behind? Looks like the first meets are slated for April 1st in various cities around the country.


I remember hearing that he wanted to replace bench with overhead press, but that’s all I know. Maybe you will get red lights for looking up on a squat too.


Oh goody…another lifting type Federation . Its a good thing considering the lack of options in Powerlifting (sarcasm alert).:smiling_imp:


Says conventional deadlift only, weird and you weigh out after your deadlift not before the meet. Hmmm interesting, wonder if this will take off.


Rip has some good info, but his squat position of exaggerating the look down is bullshit for powerlifting. He says that he is not training people for powerlifitng so it seems misguided to waste time on him here.


Other causes for red lighting a squat in Rip’s fed:

Poor hip drive
Squatting past parallel
Failure to use thumbs-over-bar grip
High bar squat of any kind
Complaining that there’s no bench press


But of course, for a strengthlifting squat it is advantageous to look down. Instead of red lights you get a kick in balls.