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US should not attack Iraq


Great posts guys, nothing like a good debate, however, I do think that you have it all wrong about Bush. See he's a country boy like me (I'm from Kansas) and he's a simple man; I can understand that. This whole thing originated after he saw that one movie with Tom Cruze, what's it called...somethin' like Minorities Reporter? Anyway in the movie there were these kids that could see into the future, they could see crimes actually happening before they happened, they called them "precogs". After they would see a crime happen Tom and his bandits...er, I meen police force would go and stop the crime. Well Bush, perhaps didn't realize that the movie was made up, or got so carried away in the idea that he didn't care, but anyways the point I'm trying to make is that Bush now is acting like a "precog", think of it people! our simple prez. is saving us from a lifetime of trajedy!