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US should not attack Iraq

“Dustin, who writes the material for you guys?”

Who writes the material for you? You still didn't answer my question. What country do you live in?

"He is the Son of God, a fact that the Jews refuse to acknowledge."

Yeah, they don't have the same beliefs as you. That's a great reason to hate them. I'm sure it says that somewhere in the bible, or something.

"The Palestinians who are fighting to get the Jews out of their homeland are not the terrorists."

Actually, I believe the Jews were their "first". It *was* their homeland.

"The Israeli invaders who gun down Palestinians throwing rocks are the terrorist murderers."

Well, I'd be pissed too if one of them stepped on a bus with a bomb strapped to them. Killing innocent people. I don't blame the Israeli's one bit.

"The antichrist Jews are the bane of mankind. In Christo et Maria, Jason R Baran"

No, my bigoted friend, you are the bane of mankind! Only a bunch of cowards would blame their problems on a different group of people.