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US should not attack Iraq

“Dustin, I am not favorably disposed toward the Christ-killing, nation-wrecking Jews.”

Uh, Christ was a Jew. Pilot could have prevented it, the decision was in his hands. The Romans themselves crusified him. Why is it that Jew-haters always say that? "The Jews killed Christ." That's bunk.

"Nor am I favorably disposed towards the terrorist state of Israel."

The terroist state of Israel? Funny, I don't recall any Jews walking into places where Muslims congregate with a bomb strapped to them. A Muslim sympathiser calling Israel terrorists...pot, kettle, black!

"As long as the Jewnited States of America supports the terrorist regime known as the "Israeli government" the Jewnited States will continue to be RIGHTEOUSLY attacked by Muslims. I'm not a Mohammedan infidel, but I sympathize with Muslims or anyone else who stands up to the Jews and their U.S. bully-boys. In Christo et Maria, Jason R Baran."

Where do you live Adolf? You have a distorted sense of reality. Your calling groups of people terrorists when you sympathise with a group notorious for terroist acts. I am curious as to what country you live in. I'm sure it's one of those pissant European countries that are critical of the U.S, then doesn't lift a finger to do anything about it.

yer welcome,

Dustin "The Jewish sympathiser" Allen