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US should not attack Iraq

I politely choose to disagree with you. No offence but…

Hitler was awarded for bravery. He was a mail carrier in ww1 and participate in tough battles. Lets see someone as brave as hitler run through hail of bullets to deliver messages in the trenches. Yes he was finally gassed and went to the hospital. But such things happen considering the surcumstances (sp?).

Also I read a biograhy on his personal life (the file used to be Top Secret in US)and he WAS physically tough. He could work shifts for 12 hours strait, often he set a tempo for work, not others.

He was conservative. His views toward women, homosexuality, capital punishment, etc and etc were highly conservative and ultr aright.

Political spectrum:
Ultra Left - Radicals (Communists)
Left - Socialists (Canada, Switerland)
Middle - Liberals
Right - Republicans
Ultra Right - Super concervatives/nazis/fascist.

Difference between Communism ideals and Nazi ideals are like night and day.