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US should not attack Iraq

The two points I wish to address are very subjective. I really don?t care if anyone disagrees, as long as they have reason. Why I refer to Hitler as a pussy. Yes he was frail, an artist, and basically worked in interior design (although he did some carpentry too). All this reasons don?t make him a pussy. What makes him a pussy was that he didn?t stick to his guns, lived his life in fear (excluding fear of assassination), and I just can?t respect him in the same way I can?t respect a REMF. Some quick examples are: he avoided common labor, turned to Jewish Charity when times were tough, got blinded in WWI because of hysteria, and never accomplished his goal of becoming an officer. As for Hitler being ultra-conservative?I?d disagree with that. I don?t think you could classify Hitler as purely either. First off the terms liberal/conservative or right wing/left wing are very poorly defined and subjective. I?d make the argument that Libertarians are far more conservative than republicans. Using this presumption, I wouldn?t label Hitler as conservative. Although Hitler was into ultra-nationalism (as FDR was to a lesser degree), the rest of his policies are the exact opposite of the Libertarian Conservative viewpoint. The Nazis had total control over the government, industry, trade, education, religion, culture, art, and lives of the German people. With that stated, I don?t see how anyone could call Hitler ULTRA CONSERVATIVE unless they had an emotional bias.