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US should not attack Iraq


Economy is in far worse shape than we think.
Unemployment is up (as with most republican governments) and it is more likely to hurt us than Saddam.

Why be so overprotective of America on the outside and unprotective on the inside?

If we get in a great depression millions will PRAY that someone kills them and puts them out of the misery. There would be nothing to protect!

Iraq is too crippled to do anything to US.
Heck, saddam isnt even in total control of Iraq and until he becomes the total undefeated leader of Iraq, then we need to satr worrying.

Donald Rumsfield Duck , is just that. He offers no proof, just accusations.

PROOVE that Saddam has weapons of Mass Destructions (those 10 year old photos and ENglish DOssier dont count).

Proove that Saddam is willing to use them on US and US allies.

Warmongers cant proove that!