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US should not attack Iraq

Hey Im all for fighting the war on terrorism but im not up to attacking Iraq. We should have taken him out in '91 when we had the chance. Not now when we have to remass our army. Also what Isreal is doing in the Middle East if screwing up our whole campaign. I’m not saying what they are doing is totally wrong but our TOTAL support to them is BS and dragging us down. Till we either drop the leech of Isreal or they settle there issue with the PALs we really can’t make a move.

What we could do. Is say fine to the world we will follow your rule. But if Iraq attacks us or our allies we will destroy Mecca and everyone in the middle east. SO we should ever get nukes, chem or what not and its pointed back to Iraq. We attack Iraq, Suadia Arabia, and everything in that region with our nukes. No talks no nothing. If the world understand that we will use that option the next time around if something happens maybe they will change their mind about Iraq now.

Also when in history did a superpower ever have to listen to another country? Great Britian never listen to countries weaker than they where, why should we? Japan was the same and lets not forget the Roman Empire, Persian Empire and Mongols.

Granted we are more “civilized” now. We all have nukes, bio and chems :). But still. Also any other country can kill people, arrest them, torture our troops and do what ever. Does the world complain about it? Barely anyone notices (can be good or bad). But if they do, do the countries in question listen…no! So why should we have to play by rules that if few or no one else is willing to play.