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US should not attack Iraq

Let me put this bluntly ,either your with us or against us…well “plumber” what side are you on ??? Just let me say one thing to everyone who thinks like “plumber” or thinks even more radical, it’s payback… big time payback for all the little things these M’fers have done in the last 20 or more years, the angriest and saddest times of my live have been on 9/11 and in finding out about the embassy beruit bombing in 1983 (which killed 217 US MARINES) So “plumber” if we go to war with Iraq are you gonna call the military and The Honorable Mr. Presdent and my fellow brother Marines, Hitler ??? I’ll be damned it just proves that thiers two types of Americans…The ones that just live here and the ones that are willing to die even for the stupidist reasons.