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US should not attack Iraq

I didnt know shitheads read T-mag but hey, diversity enriches us all right? Before u run out in a hurry to buy that pretty pink skirt u saw at the mall yesterday, here’s my two cents. WE are not trying to get back at Iraq. Saddam Hussein is causing the suffering of thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of people with his regime.He’s defyed the united nations for 10 years, not allowing arms inspectors in his country - everybody else did, why didnt he? The little sissy has got something to hide other than a 12 inch dildo. Iraq is a very nice harbour for terrorists. Here’s my big thought - make hussein run like the pussy he is, incarcerate him, and change the regime in iraq. What r the united nations here for? so that when some bastard says ‘no’, they’ll say ‘Ok, i guess…’?the united nations SHOULD discipline him and show him the coonsequences of potentially endangering other nations and thousands and thousands of individuals. Of course the little germans and their european counterparts, too busy with their diplomacy, wont do this. So we will. Its THAT simple. It shows u whos got balls, and who’s just pruning up their little titties so saddam can prick em again and again and make them wonder why he keeps nailing them. Not that a good porn movie isnt always nice, but its about time we nail him.