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US should not attack Iraq

To PlumberJack…Hitler attacks countries, Bush wants ot attack Iraq, thus he’s like Hitler. Quite a crude oversimplification. Secondly Iraq as started two wars. If the international community had placed as much pressure on Hitler back in the 1930’s as has been done with Saddam a major war could have been avoided. Instead they “waited” for an attack and allowed his arsenal of weapons to grow. So much so that by the time Britain and France had declared war on Germany it was too late. Thus “just trying to rule” is untrue and ignorant. He’s already expressed his favor over 9/11 and in addition currecntly supports terroristic activities around the globe (particularly toward, but not limited to, Israel).

Incidently if nuclear and biological weapons did not exist Saddam’s regime (however niether did Hitler’s) my concern would be less pronounced. However with modern weapons of mass destruction possibly at his fingertips hoping is a fantasy of strict pacifists and utopian ideologies.