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US should not attack Iraq

Yes, Saddam DOES openly support terrorism. We’re not really sure if he supports Al-Qaeda, or had anything to do with 9/11 (probably not), but he very PUBLICLY boasts about his program of providing $25,000 each to the families of suicide bombers in Israel/Palestine, thereby encouraging them to conduct their homicidal missions. That’s called OPENLY SUPPORTING TERRORISM. Secondly, PlumberJack, “So what???!!!” if Saddam got nukes? SO WHAT???! The guy got his ass kicked by us 11 years ago, has been getting regular spankings by our jets enforcing the no-fly zones (which are part of U.N. resolutions) over the past 11 years, and he tried to murder the first President Bush in 1993. You don’t think he’s got every damn incentive and desire in the world to hand his chemical/bio/nuke weapons off to terrorists (either his own or outside groups) to use on us, ESPECIALLY if we go to war with him (even if it’s for a legitimate reason, like to ENFORCE U.N. RESOLUTIONS, which HE agreed to abide by)? You bet he does! He also has a terrorist training camp called Salman Pak which has, among other things, the FUESELAGE of a Boeing jetliner. Do you know what they use it for? To PRACTICE HIJACKING AIRPLANES. Do I think Iraq was at all involved in 9/11, though? Personally, I’m doubtful, although I wouldn’t put it past them. If we DO end up finding some concrete evidence, I wouldn’t fall out of my chair in surprise. But it’s just plain ignorant to say, “so what, it doesn’t affect us.” Talk about a clear case of the U.S. leading the world and everyone else being followers. Please, engage brain before running mouth or typing fingers.