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US should not attack Iraq


HAHAHAHA!!! America's economy is stronger than EVER. We are so spoiled when it comes to economic growth that we consider anyting other than explosive growth to be a "recession". OUR SITUATION IS NOTHING LIKE THAT OF THE WEIMAR REPUBLIC. Your analogies are bunk. In the comparable time frame that Bush has been in office, Hitler had enforced national boycotts of Jewish business, outlawed kosher eating, and utterly restricted the access of Jewish children to public schools. By your analogy Bush is just about ready to pass anti-Muslim Nuremberg laws. Get serious.

Your analogy comparing the Reichstag fire to the the WTC attack is bunk. How many people died in the Reichstag fire? Did the Jews/Communists ACTUALLY do it?

I live near the city that has the largest muslim population outside of the Middle East. Guess how many crimes have been committed against the Muslims? One nut rode by and fired his handgun at an empty mosque one night. He was promptly arrested and thrown in jail. Hmmmm... Hardly sounds like the situation under Hitler. No ID cards, no camps, the occasional hotly contested and televised arrest of possible terrorists. Far from proclaiming some sort of Muslim conspiracy, our President tells us that despite the seeming evidence to the contrary, "Islam is a religion of peace", and that "Violence against American Muslims will not be tolerated" (and those people convicted of anti-Muslim hate crimes have been punished to the fullest extent possible). In fact, if you are European, I would wager strongly that the life for our Muslims is much easier than the life of Muslims in your own country. So your argument copmaring the sentiment against and the plight of Jews in 1930's Germany to modern day American Muslims is in detail and as a whole, WRONG.

As to your second post, you are missing one fact that is true of the American democracy -- we have given MUCH more power to our leaders in past times of crisis (Lincoln, Roosevelt, Truman), and guess how many nations we conquered? Guess how badly our rights were trampled in the post-war years? It seems to me that Hitler CONQUERED the countries that you are talking about. Your comparisons are extremely poor.

The situation for a Hitler-like disaster in this country are just about as poor as they could be. Have you ever been to America? There are no conservative Republicans waiting at the polls to beat us up, thousands of Muslims aren't spirited away to death camps in the night, our president is more often described as "bumbling" than "incendiary" or "inspiring". My God, we cure the diseases of and take captive men who have sworn to kill our civilians by any means necessary to the closest things to Paradise on this world, and the citizenry who these men have sworn to kill goes nuts because their cells aren't big enough!

In response to your last post, we are not afraid of Hussein attacking us directly. We never have been. There would be no Iraq left if we were attacked with weapons of mass destruction directly, and Saddam knows it. However, the threat that Saddam will spread the technology to people who have no problem attacking us directly is CLEAR. The man has been a consistent supporter of terrorism (see above). He has used weapons of mass destruction before REPEATEDLY, and according the UN, his is the only regime besides the US and the USSR that ever developed effective bioweapons capability. The fact that he has PUBLICLY sworn to destroy the US and the fact that he has been working hard to acquire nuclear weapons, in addition to his defiance to the UN's repeated warnings, and his continued support of terrorism, should be a pretty strong kick in the ass to anybody with half a brain and half a testicle. If he lets the UN inspectors in anywhere in the country, which he is currently unwilling to do, then the US would have no grounds for attack.