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US should not attack Iraq

You seem excessively obsessed with Hitler, what’s the deal? Did you start this thread just to show off how much you know about Hitler? Why do I get the sneaking suspicion that if I were to meet you through sheer coincidence and have a discussion about anything at all, somehow you would manage to work Hitler into the conversation? As far as your demanding to know if we know as much about Hitler as you do, how does that validate your argument. My knowing Hitlers real last name revealed marvelous insights into the evil plans of his new manifestation as President Bush. Did you notice that your argument has changed from being focused on why the US shouldn’t go after Iraq. Now you seem to be arguing that Americans are stupid. You said that you don’t base your argument on emotion, but every post you put up is clearly heavily biased and full of emotional content. When I used profanity in my post it was too add emphasis to my statement. I wanted you to know that I meant what I said to the greatest degree possible with absolute sincerity. I really believe that you have some serious mental issues that you should probably seek some professional help for dealing with. Your grasp of reality is shaky at best. Good luck!