US should not attack Iraq

Rather than engaging in flame wars, tell me as to why US should attack Iraq?

If US attacks Iraq, we will know for sure if Iraq has weapons of mass destruction.

Right now if Iraq fires even one nuc/chem missile, US and israel will blow iraq off the face of the earth. Saddam isnt stupid enough to do this. If the Soviet Union was afraid of using its arsenal (which was bigger and better than what US could come up with) , why do you think that some small rogue nation with as much as 2-3 nukes would do it?

Soviet Union/US had 1000s of missiles, yet they were afraid of using them. Why Iraq would take up the role of slain looser hero?

When US attacks saddam, he will have no other choice since if he is about to die he might as well take other people with him.

Attacking someone without any provocation is what NAZI’s and communists did and it definately puts US in the same league.

Come to think of it, US shares many things in commone with NAZI/COMMIES. One of them is patriotism, refusal tpo back down, resorting to conflicts, etc.