US should not attack Iraq

I do know a lot about Hitler, since I always wondered how lunatics get in power.

If you are so knowledgeble about Hitler, WW2 and politics answer these simple q’s.

1)How hitler got his emergency powers
2)Who was responcible for action that gave him emergency powers, and whom did he blame
3)How did Hitler get into office.
4)When did Hitler attacked USSR?
5)When did Hitler started to loose ww2 and why?

6)Did hitler participate in ww1 and what did he do?

7)What is Hitlers real last name?
8)What state of economy was in his early political days and how did he fix it? (hint, read the news))

Since I am dumb and you are smart, you will have no problem answering these questions IMMEADETELY. Failure to answer these will just reinforce your typical amaerican ignorance.