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US should not attack Iraq

Hitler didnt just get the power and instantly killed the jews and started ww2.

No, he took little “baby steps” at a time.

Hitler commited “little atrocities” and since they were little, he could justify them. Little by little he made hundreds of “little atrocities” become the biggest wars of Human history.

First he bad mouthed the jews, then he made them carry ID cards, then they were publicly beaten, and then he called them enemies and they were sent to the concentration camp.

Same with his war strategy. He didnt attack all countries at once, no. He started safe and modest.

Now, think abouth those events in a modern context.

The cause of his “measures” was Reichstag = WTC/Pentagon

Jews = Muslims.

Austria, chezhoslovakia = Afghanistan.
Iraq = Poland

Soviet Union, and ally of Germany until Nazis backstabbed them = either the UN or the European Union.

Unless you start thinking with your brain ratheer than with your heart no amount of evidence will convince you.


to all people who wrote profanities and insults to me, thank you you very much for showing your intellect and out Great American Spirit.