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US should not attack Iraq

Why hitler attacked other nations?

Because he wanted to! He joined Austria with Germany, he did that and this. Eventually he had to attack other nations because he knew they would strike him back for Poland, etc and etc.

While we are at it, do you know why hitler hated Poland? It had lots of jewish people there. Poland and its jews suffered really much. Poland offered resources, a good location for bases to strike USSR, AND you could torture the populace while NAZI were at it. Seems similiar to Afghanistan, doesnt it?

I am in no way against U.S. , just against its policies. If you study the books, forget BUSH’s name and his country name and compare him to Hitler, you will find their similiarity.

Hitler and BUSH have many thing in common.
They both were right wing, they both wage war on whomever they dislike, they both blame their opponents for “The Disaster”, they both are highly aggressive, they both set up camps, they both influenced the media, they both use