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US should not attack Iraq


NaiveOne, I was going to put together an informative reply for you but it seems like everyone beat me to it. Pay particular attention to Lightandfluffy's post, he touched on alot of the stuff I was going to bring up(thanks L&f). He didn't even touch the news sources from some of the other countries, and not to mention some of the secret info that I have been privy to, which of course I can't back up. Anyway, it is obvious that you are passionate about this, however you clearly demonstrate an overall lack of logic in your rants. Try taking a few deep breaths and reviewing WITH AN OPEN MIND all of the information on this topic that you can find(if that is a possibility for you, I don't want to hurt your pride by asking you to do something that you are incapable of). If you remove your emotional bias and look at the big picture, the basis and evidence for my opinion should become very clear.