US should not attack Iraq

Your posts have been very disturbing. You seem to have passion. However, I think you are gravely mistaken.
Do you know the difference between 2002 and our past conflicts? It is simple. We CANNOT afford to allow terrorists or their sponsoring regimes to attack us first. We can’t afford to be hit my anthrax, small pox, nerve gas, dirty bombs, or nuclear bombs. Pearl and September 11th would pale in comparison to these sort of attacks.
I want to hammer home a few key points. I want you to remember them well.
First, Saddam is an aggressive maniac. He has invaded his neighbors twice. He attacked Iran and precipitated a ten year war. Countless thousands have been killed. Second, he attacked Kuwait. He used chemical weapons on the Kurds. He has shot numerous cabinet members with his own hands. He has ordered the death of many more. He is currently funding terrorists in Palestine. He has offered a $30,000.00 check to each potential suicide bomber. Want sources, try CNN. He fired scuds at Israel in 1991. Israel had shown no aggressive intentions toward Iraq at that time.
Think he doesn’t pose a threat to us? Think he won’t use his weapons of mass destruction on us? Earlier this year, he met with his top nuclear scientists. Do you know what he said? He said to them, “You are the people who will allow me to drive the American infidel from the Middle East.” Want sources, try CNN. He doesnt fund terrorists, huh? In addition to the Palestinian connection currently in effect, he ordered hits against George H.W.Bush in 1993, and against the Emir of Kuwait. Sounds kind of terroristic to me. You keep saying that this and that event happened 10 years ago. I think you are trying to imply that he has somehow changed. Take a peek at what I have already stated. You tell me how much this nut has changed.
We have an obligation to defend ourselves. If we are applauded for this, great. If not, oh well. If we were bullies, we could physically dominate the planet.
You used FDR as an example. Please read your history. He spent nearly three years trying to convince the American people that we should be involved in Europe. He had to use subterfuge to push through Lend-Lease. Congress consistently opposed active aid or participation in Europe. He didn’t make much of a dent in public opinion. It took Pearl to sway the country out of it’s neutralistic stupor. George W. Bush is attempting a much more difficult project. Ever hear the phrase, “A pinch of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This is far harder to sell. This requires looking ahead. That requires a much higher level of diplomacy than responding to an attack on our home soil. If W. pulls this off and removes one of humanity’s chief threats, I feel he will be worthy of a memorial twice the size of FDR’s.
Finally, you threaten to wave the American flag less often if we attack Iraq. That is a reprehensible statement. Every American should wave the flag with pride. By the way, nearly three quarters of Americans think you are wrong. Most of us recognize the danger. We will not shirk our responsibility to ourselves and to mankind.