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US should not attack Iraq

well…this isnt going to go down to well here, but yes, i think bush should sit the fuck down and shut up…hes a goddamn warmongering fool.
it always makes me laugh when americans go on and on about “peace” and “preserving democracy”…its all a lot of shit, america does whats in americas interest and fuck all else.

the first gulf war wasnt about “saving the poor oppressed kuwait people”, it was about securing oil…end of fucking story.
america jumps into bed with what ever bullshit tin pot dictators suit its pourpose…bloody saudi ariaba isnt excatly known for its treatment of its people, but it suits the yanks to look the other way on that one…
anyway…from my time spent in the states i generally have never found a more small minded, blind to the outside world, and generally ignorant people…i personally hope that bush goes in against saddam without the backing of the UN, and the arab nations all join up and kick some american arse.

end of my rant…have a nice day