US should not attack Iraq

Forrester, I find it ironic that you tell Plumber not to fall for the misinformation spread by terrorists, and yet you fall for the misinformation spread by your government. Naivity falls both ways. Saddam has never openly supported global terrorism. Not only that, but there is no evidence that links him to Al-Qaeda. Demo Dick, you call Saddam a neighborhood bully. I call Bush the neighborhood bully. More precisely, the playground bully who believes that the skinny little punk is going to throw a punch at him. No matter how many times all the other kids on the playground tell him he is wrong, Big Bad Bush, the bully that he is, KNOWS he is right. Just knows it. So now he wants to punch the puny punk who can not defend himself for shit against the strongest bully in the history of the school because he KNOWS he will be punched otherwise. When the other kids ask him how he knows, for proof, he doesn’t give any evidence. Instead, he says, “There is no question in my mind…” or “There is no doubt…” or “The punk has not been following orders from the teacher for years now…”. Sound familiar?