US should give up Afghanistan/Iraq or why great nations fall

Yes the fall of roman, mongol and other empires cannot be summarized in one paragraph. But for that post I had to.

However few points:
1)Too much victories caused the weakening of armies

2)Internal problems.

Two important keys as to why Romans were defeated by primitive Barbarians.

English were the first to be able to mass produce things in massive quantities, hence their fleet, troops and other essential economic goods.

Now it looks like the Japanese will be the next “Englishman”, that is if England doesnt stop them from coming into power like it usually did.

Japan’s economy is already stronger than that of US and it is getting stronger. American economy is falling…When the Japanese discover new technologies that beat US, USA will go the way of USSR, English, mongol, roman etc and etc.

Do you know how England hold its power for so long? They attacked anyone who became a threat.