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US Shelves Europe Missile Plans



Thank you Americans for putting the warmongers on hold. Thank you Czech people for voicing your discontent. Thank you crisis for shifting priorities.


..good. We don't need another cold war or more american bases on foreign soil...


I think that this has the possibilty of being a good thing. It really does depend on where Obama's head is at regarding national defense. Personally, I believe that he is a biggie sized vagina, and doesn't have the heart to defend his own policies let alone a nation.


This could be a situation where we can win by losing. I do believe that we need to reduce our military presence in the world, and certainly I believe that we need to take Europe off military welfare. Technology, I believe, had made it possible to reduce any shithole country in the world to rubble in a matter of hours. (If I'm wrong about that, maybe someone with more military experience can weigh in) We need to tighten our national security for a while and clean up our own shit. The way I see it, we're under attack right now, right here on the home front. Obama and his wacky statist buddies are a much bigger threat to this nation than most anything out there right now. Our borders are a damn joke, and our immigration policy is terrible. Wake up people, we're in the middle of a statist takeover of America. Unless we get to defending our constitution, and the individual liberty that it gives us, we WILL lose them.


The Czech people have had enough of being the bagman for whichever way the wind blows. Besides any installation would be mainly window dressing to leverage the Ruskies (or whatever they call themselves these days). We have more efficient and discreet ways to obliterate anyone we choose to.



I'm happy that this occurred. From my understanding, missile defense systems are a waste of money as all they cause is a form of escalation on the other side. The only "defensive" measures we need are good relations with our neighbors and possibly a small number of offensive weapons we can deploy from home.


Not to mention we will soon have or already have enough Land and Air based lazer missle intercept systems that are 100% effective and much much cheaper. After that, we just have to shoot down any planes we have coming in with bombs and we are nearly impenatrable. The only real worry we would have after that is someone setting off a couple nukes in space. If they fuck up our satelites, they will make us very very blind and a lot of the advance tech we have will be brought to it's knees.



Cool. Where can I get one of those laser defense thingies?


how is installing a defensive system warmongering?


american bases are bad, but being over run by muslims is good huh. europeans make me sick.


The system was designed to protect Europe from Iranian ICBM's. It could also be used to shoot down Russian weapons in a pinch. All in all a good thing. The problem is the US would have to run it so the technology doesn't leak. I doubt Europe was willing to pay for the protections so on it's surface doesn't look like a bad idea.

We can also deploy Aegis cruisers off the coast of Iran and there isn't much they couldn't take out if it becomes a shooting war.

I doubt if Obama got anything from the Russians for canceling the system. Putin pretty much rolls over him like he is his bitch every chance he gets. Poor diplomacy on Obama's part. He's being used and that's not good for our national interests.

I also doubt Obama has the balls to ever use a nuke, even if a US city was hit by an aggressor. I think he is also trying to cancel/limit the US based defenses to make the prospect a little easier for the attacker.

None of that is very good. The real issue for an aggressor is hitting somebody like the Russians or Israeli's. Not much doubt what there response would be, thus making retaliation an effective deterrent.


It isn't. The Grand Mufti of Sweden has a one dimensional worldview.



Muslims will overrun Europe.

With military means.

In what universe?


Spot on, this is about saving money and being more flexible to varying threats. Not about the threat being lower.


Right. Where NK has long range missles, and where Iran now has the bomb, and where Russia is working with our enemies....that all constitutes us weakening our poisition in the world stage. After all people, it's 1,000 miles away, and Healthcare and Cap and Tax are the real issues.

Good god we definately have lost here.

If I wanted to single hanfdedly demolish the US power, economy and society, I'd be doing exactly what Obama is doing. Way to go CHANGE!


How much were they going to be paying us to maintain these missile defenses?


I'd much rather have the money go to building missile defense systems in Eastern Europe than to some worthless prick looking for free health care here. Unemployment is high in Poland and Czechoslovakia too, so sending our tax money to them is better than just blowing it on lazy bastards in this country.


After a while, you do wonder if only the Right reads history books.

Let me sum it up for everyone: It only matters what one person thinks. That person is V. Putin.

It doesn't matter if it was a good idea to begin with.

It was there, obama removed it without any tangible quid pro quo, and V. Putin won.

He sees this as weakness. Doesn't matter if he SHOULD. Doesn't matter if you WOULD.

We lost today and Putin will be on the prowl.

Just wait.



Looks like no free health care for tme has got him all riled up.



As a Hollander, you should be in a unique position to speak about the dangers of appeasment.

Or, maybe you think V. Putin isn't dangerous.


The same universe their 72 virgins await them.