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US Rhetoric of Deterrence/Pre-Emption

Hey everyone. I currently have a project on US (as the current global de facto authority) rhetoric, concerned particularly with the public discourse of war, and use of war as a deterrent. Like the cold-war mentality, ‘shoot that near me and i’ll destroy you’.

I am doing my own research of course but are there any Americans out there who’d like to tell me a few quotes? It’s on the post-911 world.

Honestly i will not pervert or misquote anything. I am not however a US patriot so it’s hard to know what is ‘right on’ for this purpose, maybe you’d be so kind as to help me. PM me if you have ideas. Thanks

Quote the phrase “slam dunk”.

find cheney’s quote of when he predicted the war would be over in one day, one week, or one month. or maybe that was rumsfeld. i know they both made ridiculous statements priot to war predicted a quick US victory.

cheney also anticipated that the US would ‘be greeted as liberators’.

current rhetoric that is still used like crazy includes,

“cut and run”


“stay until the job is done” , while in the same breath emphsizing that the iraqis must take greater responsibility for security with iraq in order to accelerate US troop removal.

prior to the election, there was much republican rhetoric regarding the increased likelihood of the US becoming victimized by terrorism if the democrats came to power.

constant emphasis of a worldwide terror network that is well coordinated, organized, and deadly… yet also emphasis of US success in damaging this network, seizing its assets, and arresting/killing prominent figureheads within the organization.

look on youtube and just do a search on these people, you’ll find many interesting quotes:

rumsfeld, o’reilly, bush, cheney, condoleeza, tony snow, scott mclellan, ari fleischer, william kristol, richard perle, etc

President Roosevelt: “Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick”

George W. Bush: “Brag Loudly and Swing Wildly”

Thanks for all that. I will look into them. Not sure i get the humour vroom. And wasn’t the ‘walk quietly but carry a big stick’ quote by George Orwell?

Yeah, i just noticed too. Respondents from Canada! No Americans who believe in the wars against terrorists out there?

Please give me some insight into the stance of deterrence. What quotes do you feel represent the defiance and indignance of the preventionist politics?

This is meant to be indicative of what patriotic Americans feel is right. If you don’t help me, i may come to the wrong conclusions, which i don’t want to do. Thanks