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US marines and roids

Well… if you look at the map of Europe, you will find a little state there called Croatia… and on the north, harbour of Rijeka. Rijeka is the largest Croatian port, approx. 300.000 inhabitants. (the whole Croatia has people like Manhattan and the size is similar to the size
of Virginia, so what do you expect… :wink:

In the past couple of weeks, few US Army ships including one aircraft carrier (USS Kearsarge?) are guests of the Croatian government. This is the third visit of the US Mediterranean fleet
to the Croatia, the last one was in April this year, Croatian and US Army sometimes have
together drills and stuff like that.

There is a lot of very young guys, obviously some of them juiced to the bone, especially moonfaced members of the Military Police (Ship Police, in fact). There are some things I noticed: most guys are very, very young, in their late teens or early twenties and very fit; they run early in the morning in the center of the city, exercise and generally look very healthy.
I bet their nutrition is fine except the fact they can’t really be soldiers and eat every
two or three hours.

Most of them are not tall, tops up to 1,70-1,75 m. Lots of them suffer from baggy pants-tough ghetto boy-chains around the neck-rnb-hip-hop syndrome, regardless of the race. The common denominator of the Friday and Saturday night is to get drunk like an ass and puke in the streets or pick a fight - generally, things like this do not happen in Croatia, people go out just to go out, have fun and not to fight, but it seems the young Americans have different standards, however, our cultures are different in many aspects, so I guess this is just one of them. I saw more club fights last weekend and more people that passed out because of acute ethanol intoxication than in the past two years! Of course, they are all after local girls, so it’s kind of sad to see the girls literally sell themselves for 100 US$ or so… some kind of “legal” and “temporary” juvenile prostitution. Anway, last night when I was performing a gruelling set of deads and bent over rows, a young guy entered my gym located in the center of the city and tried to obtain some roids from the owner who happens to be a friend of mine. Of course, his extent of knowledge was limited to “Deca”, “D’bol” and the only measuring unit he knew was “one cc” or “two cc”. It’s amazing. I was pissed off like hell, his knowledge about roids was non-existant! Well, at least the ignorance is common all over the world, most Croatian guys don’t know shit about roids and juicing either. Well, just wanted to tell you about this… another impression is that I am simply jealous at African American guys who display incredible muscle thickness and hardness genetically compared to Caucasians. 90 % of the guys are ripped, hard and vascular naturally, obviously without much training under their belt, of course, they weigh 60 or 65 kgs but it doesn’t matter. Most Caucasians in Europe OTOH, especially those of Slavic origin tend to be fat slobs and carry a lot of body fat if they do not watch their diet, myself included. Well, just the usual 2c, please, ignore the grammar…

I don’t know what it is about American males, but many that I see and know only care about getting drunk as hell and starting fights or puking all over the place. It’s annoying as hell. And it’s sad that our U.S. soldiers are in other countries doing the same shit. And Americans wonder why the rest of the world has bad opinions of us???

And I know what you mean about the pants-to-the-ankles, chain wearing, hip-hop-wannabe-gangsters (white, black, hispanic or asian). I see that all the time. And they all seem to be the same. Shaved heads, tatoos, big chains, wife beaters and baggy pants with big shoes. It’s crazy man, just crazy. I feel your rant bro!

I noticed that a lot of guys have tattoos on their calves. I have nothing against it per se, to each his own, but it’s kinda funny to see them on underdeveloped calves. :wink: Generally I have nothing against those guys, I had to serve in the army too two years ago (army service is compulsory in most European countries, I served 10 months and now it’s been cut down to only 6), and I know that guys come to the army from all over the country and various people join the army for various reasons, so you really can see almost everything there. It’s interesting that a lot of girls/women are on the ships too, some of them really behaving like those rap “bitchaz”, yelling, being “more men than men themselves”, drinking and stuff - something like this is not common here. OTOH, I saw and spoke to some of the guys who are more then OK. There were guys sitting near me in a club who looked smart, behaved “normally” and generally, they were drinking Coke or Fanta. I bet they know something about nutrition and iron game too because they looked like that tool. Of course, this is no place for generalization. OTOH, eventhough the customs of the young people are different in the US and Croatia for example, and despite the fact that people here are generally much “more quiet”, Americans did not start the war among themselves and did not set up concentration camps, and that’s exactly what has been going on here in the past decade… so… like I said, no generalization should be made. And now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go downtown to the gym and do the shoulder/traps workout…:wink: I’ll let you know if the guys come back again to the gym asking for cc’s. :slight_smile: Btw. I was not ranting, merely writing a report. Anyway, since my line of work is directly connected with Germans and Americans, I deal with them on a daily basis via phone, email etc, so it’s not like I am not exposed to the “Western influence” at all. :slight_smile:

There are definitely cultural differences, one of which is the attitude toward alcohol. Here in the US it is illegal for anyone under age 21 to drink, even though it’s done all of the time. This gives alcohol a certain “mystique” among young people in this country, and hence the “drinking too much and puking” syndrome seen among most young American males. I served in the US Army and was a college student and the attitudes of the young men were very similar toward alcohol. In contrast my Croatian roommate in college never got overly intoxicated, he once told me a story about how they closed down the bar next to his school(in Croatia) because too many kids were being hit crossing the street at lunch, not because they were getting drunk and rowdy.

Legal age for alcohol purchase in most European states is 18 years but it is not exactly strictly monitored. You can buy alcohol here if you are 12 or 15 without problems, there are laws prohibiting that but they are not exactly strictly exercised. Of course, lots of young people drink alcohol during weekends (actually, people “go out” here Saturday night and not Friday night as in USA), but it is not exactly some kind of “national sport”. However, more and more kids are into drugs, especially X and grass.

When I was growing up in Korea, I used to go to the local bar with a tea kettle and brought back rice wine for my dad. I was five at the time. It was no big deal for kids to be given sips of alcohol. Many people made rice wine at home. Nevertheless, everyone drank to excess. Grown men get drunk, fight and generally cause embarrassing scenes. Lifelong best friends may get into a fist fight. The next day, all is forgiven and forgotten. Oh well. So much for de-mystification of alcohol in curbing excessive drinking.

Everywhere I’ve lived in the US Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights were all popular for hitting the club scene. Also, teenagers in the US often still obtain alcohol for the purpose of binge drinking but it’s still hard to purchase without a good fake id or a store owner that doesn’t check id’s(pretty rare), at least nine years ago:).

Hyock- My assertion wasn't that exposure to alcohol demystified anything but that it feeds into the ignorance and rebellious streak of many teenagers, further encouraging the aforementioned behavior. Sure there would still be binge drinking and alcoholism, I believe France still has the highest alcoholism rate in the world. In the US, almost all teens have one experience with alcohol, binge drinking, which is the cause of the antisocial behavior and health problems. If it were legally and socially acceptable for a 16yr old to have a beer and watch the football game with his father maybe he wouldn't feel as compelled to drink until he passed out at every party.

I promised an update so… it seems that USMC is going to score. :slight_smile: Today I
accidentally came to the gym 15 minutes before opening and the two guys (kids,
in fact) were there, anxious to order some gear. They were nervous like hell and
since I was there and they did not know me, they pretended they were reading
some banners, flyers etc. :slight_smile: I guess they are finally going to get some “cc’s”
after all. Anyway, the roids are not illegal here - but they are not sold in
the pharmacies either, so most of the stuff is imported from Russian/Romanian/Greek/
Yugoslav black and legal market. If someone sees you dealing with roids, at worst, it could be treated as malpractice or unauthorised administering of medicine - however, I have never heard of someone being accused of such a thing. While they were waiting, they complained
that the gym doesn’t have much machines, just free weights. So much for competence,
their gear using license should be revoked until they learn more about the iron game and
until they are a bit older and hopefully - smarter.

That is something I’ve never understood, why wouldn’t you learn about the drugs you’re going to be sticking in your body and how to use them effectively? I do research on every major purchase, everything from my car to my supplements. Likewsie, if you are going to spend hours a week pursuing an activity (lifting weights) why wouldn’t you take the time to learn everything you could about it? Oh well, there is a saying ,“Youth is wasted on the young.”

Guess what happened? They ordered 50 vials of Sust and 20 vials of Deca - and did not show up. Morons…