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US Marine vs. BJJ Female


1st off, not trying to start any fights, just thought it was a cool video to show those who doubt a smaller/weaker foe.


All things equal the bigger and stronger person wins. That marine is a scrub. Five minutes of training and some strategy and he would have been able to properly protect himself. Either way that was really embarrassing. I really don't give any credit to that girl. I am not impressed.


You do realize that if that was a genuine fight, the marine would have smashed the girl in the head the moment he took her down, right? Roughly around the 18-20 second mark.

Or if this was on concrete floor, him throwing the girl at :15 would have done quite a bit of damage to her leg that touched the ground first.

Not to mention... no one is really taking that fight seriously. You can tell based off the reaction and general attitude of the crowd.

I don't think anyone disputes the fact that BJJ training is incredibly effective against-

A) A single opponent.
B) Someone who is not as skilled as you are at BJJ.

But this video doesn't actually prove anything at all.


I just posted a video. Nothing more. If they met in an alley things for sure could have been different.


Thanks to OP--I didn't think you were trolling just showing something amusing. It did remind me of something I saw that was ridiculous in my club. I love my BJJ but we had a female come in. Still in her early 20's and a former high school athlete still in good shape. She had a friend who had been kempo training for a few years.

Why on earth the girl's friend would have agreed to this I have no idea. I mean none. She was a game fighter and came in to stand up for her art after our female was teasing. She was subbed in like 8 seconds, of course. But half the people were all standing around nodding like "see, the jitz is the shitz." Sadly this included the instructor.

I (and not alone) couldn't believe our girl acted like this was a 'win.' --it had all been done like a BJJ tournament; just how in the hell the kempo girl was going to win when she couldn't use any kempo I have no freaking idea it was the dumbest thing I'd ever seen. I had more respect for kempo girl for being game than I did for "us" at the moment.

It is ridiculously easy to submit someone who doesn't know anything, but then again, I thought the USMC were big on using BJJ to train up Warrior Spirit so why he didn't know any grappling seems odd.

edit: I mean grapple better, not that he knew nothing at all


17 years of grappling and 13 of bjj.

I have seen numerous girls tap out guys. But those matches sometimes end in the... "What if". What if it was on the street, what if there were other people, what if I was punching, etc. I would argue 2 points. 1) be able to win a single match before you worry about environment, size, gender, etc. 2) my favorite, what if... what if the bjj person bites you? What if he had buddies? What if she pokes your eye ( or whatever secret move). This is an argument that has lasted for centuries, BTW.... Train hard.


Freakin tan belt ninjas giving MCMAP a bad name. Boot mofo probably had between 30 and 120 hours total training time. Imagine sending your white belts out to a challenge match. That's basically what happened.

Yes, the USMC trains significant ground fighting as you progress, but it's not all downloaded into yout brain at boot camp.


I got laughed at for another post i made on this forum. Being a master grappler is one thing,and being a gracie family member is maybe a step above that,but,thinking bjj is the only effective style to train is imo a bad bad idea. I,m sure all the reasons have been discussed before.


BAHHAHAA at all the butt hurt people in this thread. Having seen some very high level BJJ in the USA and from living in brazil... this is nothing new. People who are very skilled at BJJ are extremely dangerous VS even a moderately trained large male. The Marine here wasn't even really BAD, she was just a beast on another level technique wise. She owned his ass.. pure and simple. I also dont know why people bring up striking... you have to have an effective distance to land a damaging strike... none of which he has at any point here. In fact she had more control in that area. Sorry guys, brute force isn't much VS someone who has years of training and at least some athletic ability.


You dont know what youre talking about. ANY decent Bjj guy will know how to use distance and control without even touching the ground once. Do you really think swinging at someone's face looking for a KO is more effective than a choke?



Is this the only option? Take out the knee, fights over,period.


Remember Mark Kerr. Did great til elbows to the head on the ground were banned. We talking about self defense or?


Rear naked choke on the street? Gimme a break. Grab a toe and break it, fight over. Anyhoo, these shouldnt be secrets...blah blah blah


I've RNCed a guy "on the street" as an LEO. I was wearing jump boots, he wasn't grabbing shit.

I had a probie along with me for seasoning, and he needed it. We stopped a drug backpacker near the fence, probie moved in to put the cuffs on and caught a spinning elbow to the head as the guy popped up. Druggie jumped on top of him, I figured an RNC was better for all involved than shooting towards a friendly, letting the druggie get the probie's pistol, or batoning him in the back of the head. No tap, just figure 4, night night, hold for an extra 30 seconds to make sure he was really out.

Moral: don't try to G+P one guy when his friend is nearby. Had I not been there to arrest him, he'd have gotten stomped and tossed onto the Mexican side of the fence. As it was he woke up zip tied with a shotgun pointed at him.


Did you actually read what I wrote?

Note. I never said BJJ is ineffective. Nor did I say boxing or some striking art is better than BJJ.

Rather, I said that this fight is completely unrepresentative of anything outside of BJJ, which is obvious, and that in a genuine, no-holds barred fight the marine would have wiped the floor.

Outside of actual black belts (who will likely have the following qualities) or people who are otherwise technically skilled and VERY fast, every person that I've grappled with always left themselves open to strikes. Strikes that you cannot legally do in either BJJ or judo.

The same is true for the matches that I've seen on youtube and such. You simply don't bother training to deal with something that you know will not come your way.

Show me. While this is obviously unrepresentative, every BJJ matches I've seen and experienced had people so bloody eager to go onto the ground where they can actually show what they've learned that they didn't seem to care at all how they got onto the ground, as long as they were in the dominant position.

That is not utilizing distance and control.


So you,re a cop? seems like you did well,especially with plenty of time to disprove my point,regardless,you had a baton and didnt use it? decided to be nice guy and engage thr eneny physically, for what reason? i,k ginna look at your profile before i say more.


Yep, RNC/LNR is a pretty high percentage move for LEO (where PD policy allows), club security other professions/situations where you may want to put a violent person out and would prefer not to to deliver multiple strikes to their head.

It's generally done while standing, unless things are going really sideways. Properly applied and sunk, nobody is grabbing jack. Stabbing, maybe, grabbing, no. The scenario above is pretty much tailor made for RNC.


First, unless you spend the majority of your time lounging on the beach or by a pool, most people generally wear shoes, which makes toe locks much harder to apply. Second, if properly applied you've got 3-4 seconds until you are out cold with a RNC. Unless the person fighting you is a complete fool or wuss, or you are very, very good at toe locks and very strong and fast, you aren't defending a RNC with a toe lock with any kind of high probability.

In regards to practicality, all techniques are designed for and effective in certain situations and not in others. A straight right is an excellent punching technique and everyone should learn it, but if someone is grabbing you from behind or you are on your back on the ground it is useless. Just like a step in side kick is probably one of the most powerful strikes that you can develop, but if you're in any kind of clinch it's not going to work. A RNC is likewise an extremely effective technique that will put anyone out if applied correctly. But it's only going to work if you can effectively close the distance and get behind your opponent. In short, no skill set/"style" or technique holds the monopoly on effectiveness or works in every situation.



devildog_jim's credentials absolutely put him in the "should be listened to" category.


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